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There's a sentiment about how a first child's experience is different than a second child's. (We could talk about how my 8 year old doesn't have a baby book yet.) Apparently the same goes for niece and nephew. Within a couple months of my nephew's birth, he had a baby quilt. However, my niece just received her "baby" quilt for her 2nd birthday.

I started out with a different plan for her. My nephew's quilt had been inspired by the mural in his room and I wanted to do the same for her. But her African safari wall left me feeling like I "should" do appliqué... and I don't particularly enjoy the process of appliqué. Eventually I pivoted to focusing on the main color of her room, purple, a favorite of mine. I have a lot of purple scraps and I have been building purple scrappy slabs to piece for Jillian's quilt for over two years!

In recent weeks (months?) the quilt top has been my backdrop while I'm on zoom. I love reminiscing about the previous purple projects these scraps have come from. (There's a section in the upper right that's from my Ultra Violet All About Angles quilt.)

I'm really deadline driven. As Gretchen Rubin says, "things that can be done any time are often done at no time." And that really resonates with me for quilts that don't have a deadline. A challenge or quilt show submission deadline is really motivating for me. Quilt alongs and 100 day projects help, too. But "I'm making this for someone" doesn't usually have a deadline. As we approached her 2nd birthday, I decided this needed to be my hard deadline. I could hardly still call this a "baby" quilt, but at least it is sizable enough to be a good cuddle quilt for years to come.

I opted for simple walking foot quilting in organic vertical and horizontal lines. I didn't concern myself with perfection or equal spacing.

Then I added a little free motion elephant as a nod to her room. (Shh. I also have an elephant quilt in progress for her.)

My binding is more scrappy fabric. I usually opt for a bias binding, but this one was straight grain pieces, since I wanted to use scraps. I attached the binding by machine.

One of my favorite features of the quilt is the color blocked backing. I chose these fabrics to emulate the mural on Jillian's wall.

I packaged it up and mailed it in early November. We connected on FaceTime so I could see her open her gift. She was delighted.

After her initial appreciation, she just had to run into her bedroom and spread it out on the floor. I'm glad she's enjoying all the details.

The quilt is approximately 43" x 50".

The label reads:

For Jilly
handmade by Auntie Sarah
October 2020



Creating a Scrappy Slab is a workshop I currently offer (virtually) to guilds.


The thread featured in this post was given to me by Aurifil.

Way back in May I made this quilt top as part of the 2018 Pantone Quilt Challenge. This year's Pantone color is Ultra Violet. What a fabulous excuse to make a purple quilt! I opted for a version of my All About Angles.

It was so great to see what everyone did with Ultra Violet for the challenge, which was judged in three categories: Quilts, Mini Quilts, and Just the Top. I'm honored to have received the Judge's Second place prize in the Just the Top category of the challenge. But then my quilt top got set aside for other projects. I definitely need an external deadline to finish a project and once I decided that I wanted to finish this up to submit to PIQF I had a firm August 28 deadline.

My Aurifil Artisan package included monofilament thread, something I have never used and was excited to try. At some point I got it in my head that I wanted to do allover graffiti/improv free motion quilting for this quilt, but I wasn't excited about using a cotton thread in a color that would distract from the piecing in this quilt. With a variety of values including the black, I knew that no matter what thread color I chose, it would get lost in some sections of my quilt. At some point I decided that this would be a great opportunity to try out monofilament thread. I opted for the clear Aurifil Monofilament and did I little reading online and an informal IG survey for monofilament tips.

I feel like monofilament had gotten a stigma in my mind for being hard to work with. Mostly, it was a dream. I wound the first bobbin only halfway at slow speed. I quilted until I ran out of bobbin with no thread breaks and no trouble. Then I rewound the bobbin with... more thread. Not quite full, but way past halfway. I had many problems. These problems went away as soon as I wound a new bobbin no more than halfway.

So my quilting... first inspired by Karlee Porter's graffiti designs, I have a small tool box of motifs that I include in my FMQ mash-up. These include spirals, paisleys, arrows, buildings (that's what I consider the rows of rectangles), and leaves. You can see these dating back to my first graffiti quilted projects, the Schnitzel and Boo mini swap quilt and R's Pattern. Now if I'm doing some FMQ mash-up quilting I peruse the IG hastags #graffitiquilting#wildquilting#flowquilting, and #freemotionimprov and look for motifs in the mix that aren't in my repertoire. I like to practice on paper to develop a bit of muscle memory.

This go round I made short little sketches of interesting motifs that I wanted to work in. I pinned these up on my design wall to have a visual reminder. This helped when I felt I was being too repetitive. It allowed me to just look up and be reminded of what else I knew how to do. This technique really helped me and I prefer it over my past strategy of post-its on many pages of my FMQ inspiration books.

I knew I wanted a purple binding. I really wanted to make it scrappy with the purple solids in the quilt top, but due to time constraints I opted for Kona Bright Peri for the binding. I used one leftover unit from the quilt top to include a pieced section. I was glad to carry more of the colors into the binding as well as the same angular piecing seen in the quilt top. This section is on the lower right edge of the binding (shown sideways here).

I backed my quilt with a purple print from my stash and attached my label before quilting. Most, if not all, of my purple solids came from the Kona Lavender Fields bundle. It finished at approximately 33" x 33".

I'm so pleased to have my quilt completed, and finished in time to submit to the PIQF Quilt Competition in their wall quilts division. (It was a little too small to be submitted to the Modern Quilt Competition.) I also submitted Modern Batik Scrappy Squares in the Modern Competition. Notifications will be out by mid-September.


Tips for Using Monofilament Thread

  • To avoid trouble with spool unraveling, try a mesh sleeve or a thread stand.
  • If using monofilament in the bobbin, only fill the bobbin halfway (or less).
  • Aurifil recommends you hand wind your bobbin. If winding by machine, wind on slow speed.
  • Use a new size 90/14 needle.
  • Keep a piece of blue tape near your machine to stick the trimmed bits of monofilament to so they don't end up all over.


Looking for inspiration? A couple books I love for free motion quilting motifs are The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting, Machine Quilting With Style, and 365 Free Motion Quilting Designs.

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I'm so excited to be participating in my first Blog Hop! I had admired Ms. Midge's Charm Dash pattern and when she asked for Blog Hoppers I was excited to jump (er, hop?) on in! I had quite a few purple charms in my stash from my 2005 fabric swap (which I used to make The Purple Quilt) and decided I'd use those. Check out the Anna Maria Horner Charm-Along & Charm Dash Blog Hop! She's got some amazing prizes for her linkup on April 9th. Check out all the details on her blog.

I dove in working on the project in January, choosing fabric, starting to cut my charms, and deciding on the background color (American Made Brand Dark Indigo).

Then procrastination set in... I've been a procrastinator my whole life. Even when I know I'm in it, I can't kick it into gear until I'm really feeling that I'm in crunch time. So, this week, powered by Gilmore Girls and ice cream, while the kids were in school and late into the evenings, I sewed and sewed and sewed until I finished my Charm Dash quilt in the wee hours of the morning late last night. I hope you enjoy the result. (While you're enjoying, I'll be napping.)This is the throw size. With my single 4" border it measures 45" by 58". I'm calling the quilt Prince Charming, made from Charm squares in the royal color of purple. (No, I'm not getting better at naming my quilts. I had help. Thanks, Amber.) I was able to use purple fabrics from my stash for the backing and binding. Woo! #sewmystash2015

Prince Charming
handmade by Sarah Goer
Charm Dash Blog Hop
March 2015

I loved how quickly the blocks went together. It lends itself to chain piecing, which I always appreciate. The negative spaces are great for featuring some creative quilting. (I kinda wish I'd used a more contrasting thread color. I really like how the closed loop of stippling in the octagons looks like coral.


If you're excited about making your own Charm Dash quilt, Ms. Midge has her pattern on sale right now at Etsy and Craftsy.

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