I’m Sarah Goer, artist and educator.

I help quilters build their improv piecing skills in a fun and playful way, so they are inspired to create their own unique designs.

My classes are a bit of a choose your own adventure, packed with tips and tricks as well as permission to play. Part of my joy in teaching is to see the many unique perspectives that develop from the same prompt.

Based in San Jose, California, I learned to sew as a child and was drawn to the color and geometry of quilting after college. As a former middle school math teacher, I combine my eleven years of classroom experience with my nearly two decades of quilting experience to bring clear instruction to my quilt students.

Students appreciate my easy going, nurturing style.

“You have inspired me to think outside my box!  I love the improv idea and have done it only once! Thank you so much!" --Sandra

Reach me at sarahgoerquilts@gmail.com. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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