Pants for the Kiddos

Parsley Pants (pattern by
Parsley Pants (pattern by

The pants of been on the back burner as I've worked on some other projects, sewing and otherwise. Today I got motivated by the notion that I need to finish these pants before my kids outgrow these sizes! I love the reinforced seams on the pants, though they present a bit of a bonus challenge to stitching them, particularly the flat fell seam on the inseam. But I feel all professional with the nice finished seams! Rae's directions are awesome and I love that the pattern goes up to size 10, they are unisex, and there are a ton of variations to choose from.  I'll be making these for YEARS! Get your Parsley Pants pattern here.

polka dots
pouch pockets and a flat front waistband

The Boy's pants

The Girl saw me working on her pants and excitedly declared, "me pants! me pants!" That's also really motivating! Of course, she didn't really understand why she couldn't have "pants on" as soon as we got home from buying the fabric. The Boy gets it a little more. And he's super stoked to have pockets on his pants. Having made the basic pattern for his first pair I decided to "level up" by adding the pouch pockets (which also dictated a flat front waistband).  Perhaps with pockets people will stop asking him if he's wearing his pajamas.

walking pants

P.S. The Boy has already picked out fabric for his next pair. Zebra print. Aw... yeah!

Update: The Boy has now started making promises to others that I will make them polka dot pants.


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