It’s Time

I've been talking about blogging for months. At least seven of them. Sometimes there's some nagging desire to do something that you just can't ignore. This is one of those times for me.

So, why am I starting a blog? In short, I like to make stuff. And since I like to make stuff, I really enjoy looking at other people's blogs that showcase their work. I find it inspiring to me.

As I've been able to carve out a space in the house to have a sewing corner and keep my sewing machine accessible at all times, I have been able to work on and complete more projects than usual. In recent months I've also started decorating cookies.


My most recent finished project is this lap quilt (48" x 48") that I completed start to finish in just one week. I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. I was looking for something that size with a quick pattern. I was able to find fabric in my stash of blue fat quarters to get the job done, only having to purchase the fabric for the binding.

blue quilt 1

blue quilt 2


These are a pair of pants I made for my 3-year-old a couple months ago. I LOVE the Parsley Pants Pattern. Her directions were clear. They have some super reinforced seams. There are so many options to add-on and her pattern includes sizes 2 through 10!

mushroom parsley pants

This first pair was made using just the basic pattern and went together in about 3 hours. Not bad for my first pair of pants, ever. The 3-year-old decided he liked his so much (despite people continuing to ask if they are pajamas) that he wanted to pick out some fabric for me to make another pair. Then The 1-year-old decided she wanted her own pair as well and picked out fabric for her pants. I really wish I'd gotten a photo of her carrying the bolt of fabric around the quilt shop. Hers will be the basic pattern and I leveled up with his second pair by adding pouch pockets and a flat front.

I never have just ONE project going at a time, so here are a couple others in the works...


I'm doing Leah Day's Building Blocks Quilt Along. I'm a few weeks behind due to some indecisiveness on fabric colors, but I finally landed on Lagoon and Sprout by Kona. Next up, starch and iron 10 yards of fabric so I can start cutting. All in good time.

lagoon and sprout

And last for today, here's a glimpse at a red, white and black quilt that I've been "working on" since the 2006(?) Shop Hop by the Bay. I enjoy the whole mystery quilt thing, though I don't realizing in step 4 that I'm cutting 288 triangles! At least they are all pieces together at this point. Here are a couple units of my many current piles.

red white black mystery quilt

I've linked up to Tuesday Archives to share my fat quarter quilt.

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