Q2 Finish Along Goals

Two quarters in a row I've knocked 5 WIPs off my Finish Along Goal list. As much as I'm enjoying mini quilt swaps, it's impeding my ability to get more of my old WIPs done... so I'm really trying to resist joining any other swaps. That said, I have 4 open swaps at the moment. Between starting a few new quilt projects for myself and joining additional swaps my WIP list is growing. Oops. At the start of 2014 my list had 24 WIPs in it and my yearly goal is to cut that number in half. Looking below, I think I can realistically finish 8-10 of these done this quarter. (Are you laughing at me?) 5 of those are swaps, I have 3-4 baby/cuddle size projects well underway. The chef's hat and apron should only take a day. And I have two kids in school now. If only I had nothing to do but sew. ;-)

These past couple quarters I've tried to prioritize my goal list. I'd say this is roughly in priority order until number 12 or so.

  1. Rainbow Mini Swap (finished and shipped on 4/2, my first Q2 finish)
  2. The Purple Ninja Quilt (quilt top complete, need to piece backing and send out to long arm quilter)
  3. My safari animal baby quilt (quilt top complete)
  4. Open Wide Pouches -- pair of mushroom print bag (fabric cut out)
  5. Open Wide Pouch: small rainbow bag (fabric cut out and pieced)
  6. Open Wide Pouch Swap (due April 25, pouch sides pieced)
  7. Chef's Hat and Apron for my daughter (fabrics selected (by her))
  8. Assist my son to make his next quilt (designed and cut out)
  9. IG Pin Cusion Swap (due May 15, design planned)
  10. Alison Glass Mini Swap (due June 15, fabrics chosen, design in progress)
  11. Cotton & Steel Mini Swap (due June 19, fabrics chosen, design in progress)
  12. Ocean quilt for The Girl (top pieced, but needs applique done)
  13. Little Letters in Blues/Greens Quilt (all letters pieced)
  14. Little Letters in Brights Quilt (all letters pieced)
  15. Cotton & Steel (and low volume) Quilt (I have a plan... with these 5" squares)
  16. 2004 (ugh) Baseball Quilt (some blocks pieced)
  17. Batik SCVQA philanthropy quilt (sandwiched)
  18. Roman Stripez with butterfly backing (some blocks pieced)
  19. Roman Stripez with turtle backing (some blocks pieced)
  20. Memory House Vol. 1 Quilt (2 houses complete)
  21. Pirate Quilt (pre-cut fabric selected)
  22. Very Hungry Caterpillar twin sized quilt (fabric and pattern selected)
  23. Hawaiian lap quilt (fabric and pattern selected)
  24. Leah Day's Building Blocks Quilt Along (first 3 sets of blocks done)
  25. Winnie the Pooh Skirt/Shorts for The Girl (fabric selected)
  26. Envelope quilt (a couple blocks pieced)
  27. Monster Quilt (first applique block in progress)
  28. Christmas Mini Quilt (using 4 orphan blocks I somehow acquired)
  29. Swoon Quilt (first two blocks cut out)
  30. Patchwork City Metro Area Quilt (BOM: current status)


I'm linking up to the Q2 Finish Along Goal Party.

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6 thoughts on “Q2 Finish Along Goals

  1. Marji

    Once again you earn my admiration for having all these projects in a list, let alone prioritized for completion! It is always fun to watch your progress each month!
    Get sewing!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks, Marji. I've been sick the last week, and sewing is nearly all I've done. It's really hard for me to sit and rest and do nothing. I figured sitting at the sewing machine was using minimal energy, so I did that. Tomorrow I hope to get some zipper pouches finished up. Go go gadget sew! :-)

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks, Denise. So sorry for my delay replying... I've been battling a cold. Fortunately sewing is about the only thing I have energy for. :-)

    1. sarah

      Post author

      I like to put it all out there so people feel better about their lengthy lists. ;-) It really helps me focus and prioritize as well. I just need to get better at the letting things go that are NOT a high priority. Thanks for visiting!


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