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It's been a year of colorful minis. I've participated in quite a few swaps. At the moment I'm only signed up for one in 2016. I'm going to try to resist joining a bunch in favor of some larger finishes in the coming months. As a quick review of 2015, I'm sharing my five most visited 2015 blog posts here.

Top 5 of 2015

Top Five 2015 Posts

  1. Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap (round 3) - 830 pageviews
  2. TGIFF: More Zippered Pouches - 623 pageviews
  3. Sew My Stash Mini Quilt Swap - 622 pageviews
  4. Text Me Mini Quilt - 585 pageviews
  5. Rainbow Mini Swap - 530 pageviews

I'll share my specific 2016 goals with you for sewing, quilting and blogging in tomorrow's post. You can also see all my completed quilts in my gallery. If you're new to my blog, you can learn more about me in my New Quilt Bloggers Post from June.

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In November, I shipped off my Schnitzel and Boo Swap package. My partner, Margaret, told me that she likes interesting animals. And she had some Tula Pink in her inspiration mosaic. I immediately knew that I had to do something to feature a purple Tula raccoon and had a great time pulling Tula fabric to coordinate.

Margaret also had a stripey 8-point star in her mosaic, so I decided to design my own 8-point star with an octagon in the middle. I used EQ7 to create my paper pieced segments to go around my octagon and fussy cut the raccoon to fit in the middle. Of course, adding eight segments around an octagon created y-seams. Now, I don't know the "proper" way to go about this, so I'll tell you the "how I just made it up" way.

Once I had pieced all 8 outer sections (and leaving the paper on), I attached each of them to the center octagon only. Then I went back and pieced the seams connecting the segments. Two demerits for not changing to white thread for those white to white seams. :-/ Overall, I'm really happy with the process and result. Then came the quilting.

Sometimes I have this thing about not wanting to quilt on top of some part of my design to not detract from the pretty, pretty fabric. Yeah, I need to get over that. This time, I decided to just quilt the white background and chose graffiti quilting. I started with an M for Margaret in the lower right. I was a little rusty, but I did a little graffiti doodling to warm up and then jumped it. I'm looking forward to doing some graffiti quilting on a larger quilt, using a larger scale, but I really love the look of the dense quilting on this mini.

I attached my lazy mini quilt label to the back with fusible before quilting. I figure a wall hanging won't be washed much, so it works. I was so happy to send it off to Margaret and am so glad she loved it!


Here's the awesome mini I received from Melissa for the swap. I like to encourage my swap partners to try something new and to make something they love. I was so excited to receive this beautiful mini! I love that it's not something I would have made myself. Just look at all those awesome curves! And the amazing quilting! I found the perfect place for it next to our colorful wedding ketubah in our dining room. Score! (P.S. I really need to change the quilt on the right to be another colorful 24" mini instead of this smaller one.) All the extras she sent were so thoughtful as well. A lovely zipper pouch, fun office supplies, chocolate, and neat wind up toys for the kids and I to enjoy. Thank you again, Melissa!

(Pardon the wonky shadow from the light fixture. ;-))

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How could I not opt in for round three of the ever popular Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap (#schnitzelandboominiquiltswap) on Instagram!? I realize with the Rainbow Mini Swap (#rainbowminiswap) this means I had committed myself for four swaps before finishing or receiving the first one. I guess I dove right in. I've just passed by the opportunity for the Spring Fling Mini Swap and I think I'm already regretting it. Ah well, I'm sure there will be some other great opportunities soon. (You should probably just leave me a comment with details on any open swaps you know about.) ;-) In the time I composed this message, I've joined another swap, the Alison Glass Mini Quilt Swap (#alisonglassminiquiltswap). So excited! :-)

Okay, so Schnitzel and Boo... My partner likes the designers Tula pink, Anna Maria Horner, and Alison Glass and she loves color. I took this as an excuse to purchase my first Tula Pink fabrics, which I love as well!

I've personally been drooling over these adorable paper pieced envelope blocks all over Flickr and IG (#swakswap -- though the origins or details of the swap are a mystery to me except it started at least a year ago). Anyway, I finally made my first couple blocks at the beginning of December and decided this was the way to go for the swap. (I also decided that I need to make myself lots of envelope blocks!) The pattern comes from Patchwork Please by Ayumi Takahashi.

Here's the resulting 13.5" x 13.5" mini quilt that I sent to my partner. I made some stripes on my binding which I like but were kind of a pain... so not sure how soon I'll be piecing stripes on a binding again.

Here's a peek at the backing which shows my in-the-ditch quilting.

I even ended up with my first envelope block for me (unless I go and make something for someone else out of it!) since I didn't like how dark the purple was in the lower left position.

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