Morewood Mystery: December Progress

I've been mostly keeping up with the mystery quilt schedule and I'm all set for the next set of instructions on January 7 for the Morewood Mystery. I opted for a Hanukkah quilt, which I'm looking forward to enjoying next Fall as Hanukkah begins November 28 in 2021. The mystery quilt along wraps up in April which gives me plenty of time for quilting and binding by November. :-)

I chose this luscious blue Alison Glass Sun Print (2018 Compass in Lapis) for my background fabric, partnering it with Kona Blueberry, two Hanukkah prints from my stash and the silver and white dots. This month we made more HSTs that we turned into hourglass (or QST) units. And now all of our fabrics are in play!

I look forward to seeing how these components go together!

4 thoughts on “Morewood Mystery: December Progress

  1. I like your colors! I'm doing mine without a background fabric, but with a somewhat plan. No clue how it will turn out in the end but I like my individual blocks so far!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Have you shared about it on your blog? At a glance I didn't see a post about the mystery quilt. I'm intrigued about your plan! :-) Thanks for visiting, Karin.


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