2020 Wrap Up

I had three overarching goals for 2020. I know I'm in really good company about how the Covid Pandemic really upended any plans for this year. It's amazing to me that the last time I went anywhere fun was March. I'm thankful to have my family to spend time with and technology for connecting with friends and extended family.

Mostly, I'll be re-evaluating those goals that fell by the wayside and perhaps rolling them forward. (Or maybe not?) This year has mostly taught me to try not to sweat the small stuff. And to focus on the positive, even when it's so easy to dwell on the negative. So here's the biggest positive of those 2020 Goals.

Connecting with the Quilting Community

While this may not have looked exactly like I expected, it played out well. My teaching engagements that had been scheduled for in-person events mostly pivoted to Zoom lectures and workshops. I've stayed involved with my local guilds, Bay Area Modern Quilting and Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association, as well as my Local Connections group of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) and my local small quilt group through regular Zoom meetings. I've blogged semi-regularly (though my newsletter took an unplanned hiatus -- one coming later this week!) and have enjoyed staying engaged with the quilting community on Instagram.

Most months I ran my Show Me Something quilt linkup. I will continue this in 2021. What were your favorite themes from Show Me Something in 2020? You can find links to all of them in the sidebar at the right, or scroll down to the bottom if you're on mobile. There's still a couple days to Show Me Something That's a Gift! for December's linkup. (Apologies to participants that my follow-through on posting a wrap-up post each month was lacking. I'm thinking about how to improv that in 2021.)

And come back here Thursday to see my 2021 Goals. ;-) It's my tradition to post my goals on New Year's Eve and linkup to Yvonne's Planning Party.

Just two more days left in the 31-Day Blog Writing Challenge with Cheryl. Thanks for visiting!

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