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I've been mostly keeping up with the mystery quilt schedule and I'm all set for the next set of instructions on January 7 for the Morewood Mystery. I opted for a Hanukkah quilt, which I'm looking forward to enjoying next Fall as Hanukkah begins November 28 in 2021. The mystery quilt along wraps up in April which gives me plenty of time for quilting and binding by November. :-)

I chose this luscious blue Alison Glass Sun Print (2018 Compass in Lapis) for my background fabric, partnering it with Kona Blueberry, two Hanukkah prints from my stash and the silver and white dots. This month we made more HSTs that we turned into hourglass (or QST) units. And now all of our fabrics are in play!

I look forward to seeing how these components go together!


Way back in July I started the Morewood Mystery Quilt with Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs. I have participated in her mystery quilts in the past and love the pace of the instructions. I've mostly kept up with the monthly schedule.

I decided on this blue, white, and silver Hanukkah palette, choosing the royal blue print as my background. I initially planned for both white and silver prints to be combined for position in the quilt, but was able to cut all the pieces from the dots.

My 30 petal units are done from November's instructions.

These little 4-patch units are from October.

These are my HSTs from September. I still need to finish 30 HSTs from November... then I can get started on December's instructions (which start with more HSTs). :-)

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. Chag sameach!


It's been a long while since I've cut all the fabric for an entire lap quilt in one go. I've been doing more improv projects where the cutting is mixed in with the piecing. Or I've worked piecemeal on a project. However, the August instructions for the Mosaic Mystery Quilt were to cut up the four main fabrics. (I haven't selected border fabric as I'm waiting to see the quilt top. I'd like to find a coordinating stripe, so any leads on that are greatly appreciated.)

Fabric A is the gold print. Fabric B is the multicolor floral print on light grey background. Fabric C is the turquoise. And the background is the solid black. We've been told that A, B, and C all touch background, but that none of them touch each other. Here's an idea of how those three prints look against the black solid. I think they really pop!

You can take a look at what fabric others are using for their project in the August linkup. With monthly steps for the project, there's still plenty of time to join in and catch up. See all the info on Cheryl's blog at Meadow Mist Designs. Today the next step of instructions are out. I'm excited to start sewing!