Project QUILTING Starts in One Week!

Kim Lapacek hosts Project QUILTING, a series of one-week quilt challenges that run from January through March (with a week off between challenges). January 3rd is the kickoff for Challenge 1 of Season 12 of Project QUILTING. At noon CST on January 3rd Kim will release the theme of the challenge for week 1. We'll have exactly one week to plan, create, finish and linkup a quilt for the challenge, due by noon CST on January 10th. You can see the full schedule for Season 12 on Kim's website.

I hope you will consider participating. Kim and Trish are a ton of fun and it's enjoyable to see how so many people respond to the same prompt. One week is no joke for starting and finishing a quilt. My biggest tip is to work small. I think the smallest quilt I've made for a Project QUILTING challenge was 2 1/4" x 9". (I'm always so impressed when someone makes a lap quilt, though most of us are making mini quilts.) Some makers have opted to layer on a second personal challenge to their projects, like when Kimberly made all her challenge quilts with Star Wars themes in 2017. All the details about how Project QUILTING works and how to enter can be found here.

This will be my 5th year participating in Project QUILTING. I'd admired it the previous year, but didn't have the bandwidth to dive in until 2017. Some years I've participated in all six challenges of the season and some years have been more sporadic. I think I've completed 21 Project QUILTING challenges over the years. I thought I'd share one of my projects from each season I participated. (Click on the photos to read more.)


Project QUILTING 8.4: Brighter the Better


Project QUILTING 9.1: Hometown Proud


Project QUILTING 10.2: Red, White and Blue


Project QUILTING 11.6: Vibrant and Vivacious


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