Tula Pink Dress for my Niece

Today we celebrated Christmas early with my sister and her kids, so I can show you the dress I made for my niece! She turned 1 last month.

I chose nine Tula prints from my collection, built around the Acacia Raccoon in blueberry print. Some, but not all, of the other Tula prints are from the Acacia collection.

The pattern is Jewel's Stripwork Dress by CKC which I made in size 2T. This works for her now (as soon as she starts walking, really), but leaves room to grow.

We had a great time doing the mini photo shoot. (I love my new teal front door!)

The dress is basically reversible. I picked the side I was happier with to be the front and put a tag with the size in the back of the neck.

I'm linking up to the Beauties Pageant.

I'm participating in the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge with Cheryl of muppin.com.

6 thoughts on “Tula Pink Dress for my Niece

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Johanna. I just shared another dress that I finished for her. I'm having fun sewing for the little ones. I haven't made my kids clothes in quite a while.

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Anne-Marie. I'm glad to have new little people to sew for. I think my daughter is interested in sewing clothes for herself, so hopefully we can work on that in 2020. She's 7. Thanks! The front door still makes me happy every time I see it. It got painted a couple months ago. I think I've finally stopped saying "Isn't our door so pretty!???" every time it comes into view when I drive home. ;-)


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