I Joined a Quilt Bee!

Three years ago I took a break from online quilt bees. And honestly, I've missed it. A couple months ago I reached out to friends in The Solid Seven quilt bee on Instagram and I was immediately welcomed into the group. A couple members are women who were in the bee with me back in 2015-2016. It's fun to be sewing for quilty friends again.

October Blocks

In October Ellyn asked for 70's inspired blocks in a rainbow palette. I immediately chose to make a cassette block from the Quilt Hits Vol. 1 paper pieced pattern by Projektownia Jednoiglec. The cassette tape on my block is about 9" across, so I think the block finished a little larger than 13" x 13".

I thought about other options for a long time until I landed on the idea of making a Mork from Ork block. As a child in the 80's the majority of time was spent watching TV, and I loved Mork and Mindy. I guess that show was my introduction to Robin Williams. What a fabulous actor! I used the Paper Pieced Children block by @saphre1964 and @southbaybella as a starting point and edited to add details. There's a bit of top stitching on the shoulders and the triangle. This block is about 10" x 13".


November Blocks

In November, EA gave us the palette of Kona Breakers, Robin Egg, Regal, Pomegranate, and Salmon and her design inspiration is this quilt from Jeni Baker. I thought I'd do some improv piecing, but actually started with the two 12" snails trail blocks, using the Fat Quarter Shop block pattern. Then I improv pieced the strips in the panel on the left. And I was still itching to make some improv flying geese, so I made those next. And I just couldn't stop so I improv pieced some of my scraps for EA to use as filler. :-)


December Blocks

This month we're making some fun sunrise/sunset inspired blocks. I'll share those with you later this month. :-)


I'm participating in the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge with Cheryl of muppin.com.

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