A San Jose Tradition

I've lived in San Jose my whole life, with the exception of four years of college in San Diego. As such, there are some local holiday traditions that are very nostalgic for me.

While we have a Jewish household, I grew up celebrating Christmas. We celebrate Christmas with my side of the family and friends. This weekend while my sister and her kids were in town we visited Christmas in the Park. I grew up enjoying the animatronic holiday displays and seeing the hundreds of decorated trees. The Christmas trees are decorated by a wide variety of community groups: scouts, school groups, volunteer organizations, local businesses, etc. Throughout the years I've helped decorate numerous trees and enjoyed seeing the handmade ornaments and interesting themes that groups have come up with.

My kids really enjoyed seeing the Broadway San Jose tree, with Playbill images from the shows they have seen (Fiddler on the Roof and Blue Man Group).

I didn't get to see all the trees (we were walking through the park with four kids), but my favorite was the sub sandwich tree by Aedis Architects. Such a creative idea!

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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