Design Wall Wednesday: May 8, 2019

We moved home (post remodel) and my sewing studio really needs some TLC. I'm in the middle of building my new cabinets to store all the things, but I took a break from building to haul one of my design walls upstairs so I could work on a project yesterday. I have two 4-foot by 8-foot insulation boards covered in batting. I don't have enough wall space to have these up in a permanent location, so I like the versatility of being able to move them around. Typically I have them blocking the closet. I digress...

In January at All-Star Review I sliced into some beautiful Cherrywood fabric for my Planned Improv: All About Angles demo. I love the color palette (Meadow 8-step bundle + Indigo) and I've been itching to get back to this one. I'm still adding to these units and building new ones, but I'm very pleased with where this is going. This section is about 4' wide. I'm tentatively aiming for about 80" square for the final quilt.

What are you working on this week?

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