Scrap Sewing: Green Block

Between working on my Improv Tumblers and some charity blocks today I finished another scrappy block to go with the other three that my son and I have made.

One of my favorite parts about sewing with scraps is the memories of other projects. My favorite print here is the mushroom print in the middle. This fabric was originally used to make pants for my son when he was much littler than he is now, which I shared in my very first blog post nearly five years ago. I've also made some other projects with that fabric. It just makes me smile.

This is my 14th blog post in as many days as part of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. Be sure to check out the December posts in the sidebar to the right (or below if you're on mobile) to see what else I have shared so far this month. And click the button below to see Cheryl's post on the challenge with links to dozens and dozens of participants.

4 thoughts on “Scrap Sewing: Green Block

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Anja. They are pretty great. Embarrassingly they were for a shirt I cut out and never finished making for my son. I look forward to finishing it for my nephew.


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