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I am way overdue for updating this list. It was November 2021 the last time I posted it. There were 72 items on the list then. There are only a few new WIPs from 2022, bee blocks, a project that I didn't finish in time for the SAQA Benefit Auction, and a set of 4 mini compositions from a class last October that just need to be finished up. The good news is that the projects I've started in 2023 so far have both been finished.

The Numbers

  • 19 quilts from the list were finished in 2022.
  • 13 were purged from my WIP list, passed along to other people, back into stash/scrap bins, or moved into workshop supplies as class samples.
  • 47 quilts currently on the list:
    • 12 are finished quilt tops
    • 12 projects are quilting in progress or just need binding/finishing

I've rearranged my list to be in order of oldest to newest. I'm currently working on two of these projects, so I hope they will be quilt tops soon. Some quilt tops are being held on to specifically so that I can quilt them when I get my new longarm machine in the latter half of 2023. I think in the case of some of these older projects at the top of the list... I need to fish or cut bait. (Pun intended.)

After you scroll through the list, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments... how do you feel about WIPs/UFOs? How many do you have? What is your oldest one? What catches your eye in my list?

The List

  • Ocean quilt for my daughter (2012?) - fish need fusing.
  • La Passacaglia (2014?) - not much progress
  • Patchwork City (2015) - blocks complete.
  • Purple Royalty quilt (2015?)
  • Quartered Log Cabin (2016) - piecing in progress.
  • Rainbow Remix (2016) - piecing in progress, recent progress has been made.
  • Swoon (2016) - all but one block finished.
  • Rainbow Chain (2016) - blocks finished.
  • Floating Squares (2016) - piecing in progress.
  • Tula Pink City Sampler (2017) - blocks complete.
  • Variation of Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, Wall Hanging (2017) - just needs binding/facing.
  • Playing with solids project from Tara Faughnan class (2017) - piecing in progress.
  • All About Angles in Cherrywood Blue Lagoon (2017) - nearly a finished quilt top
  • Second All About Angles in Cherrywood Blue Lagoon (2017) - blocks/units complete, leftover from above.
  • All About Angles in Cherrywood Meadow + Indigo (2019) - piecing in progress.
  • Round Robin Medallion (2019) - finished quilt top.
  • Pink Curves (2019) - no real plans for these two blocks... maybe a two-sided pillow.
  • Mosaic Mystery (2019) - piecing in progress.
  • Trinket (2019) - 9 of 40 blocks complete.
  • Beads On a String (2019) - finished quilt top.
  • Mini Mini Star from Sewcialite Sew Along (2020) - finished quilt top
  • 9-Patches (2020) - finished quilt top?
  • Monochromatic Improv Maximalism (2020) - blocks/slabs made by Solid Seven bee members.
  • Tic Tac Toe (2020) - finished quilt top.
  • 6 Personal Symbols Mini Quilts (2021) - quilting in progress.
  • Quilt Connection Lap Quilt (2021) - finished quilt top.
  • 5 Green Improv Mini Quilts (2021) - finished quilt tops?
  • Turquoise/Yellow/Orange Improv (2021) - blocks complete.
  • Fantastic Fusion (2021) - blocks complete.
  • All About Angles in Alison Glass Kaleidoscope (2021) - piecing in progress.
  • Green Stripes bee blocks (2021) - blocks complete by bee members.
  • Improv Triangles in Blue (2021) - piecing in progress.
  • 12" x 12" mini quilt (2022) - quilting in progress
  • Improv Sawtooth Stars (2022) - blocks completed by Quilts Unscripted bee members
  • 4 Mini Mid-Mod quilts (2022) - just need finishing

Thanks for looking! How do you feel about WIPs/UFOs? How many do you have? What is your oldest one? What catches your eye in my list? Drop your thoughts in the comments and sign up for my newsletter so you can follow along with what I finish next!