The Current UFO List

It's UFOvember so I'm updating my dormant list of projects. I lovingly refer to them all as WIPs. They aren't forgotten, unfinished projects that will never see the light of day. They are works in progress, albeit some in a state of hiatus.

Friends, this list is LONG. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I always tend to have a lot of projects in progress. An "eyes bigger than my stomach" kind of problem. But this is a lot, even for me. And since a lot of them are little, the number feels even more daunting. An upshot is that 12 of those projects have been completed from the last iteration of my list back in October 2019. But, you'll see many of those older projects appear again here. (Though most have updated photos and I've made significant progress on ten of them!) And there's a whole lot of new stuff, due in part to classes I've taken in the last couple years and in part to excitement over trying something new in style or color.

I struggle a little with how to organize a list of this magnitude. I've tried to add the year the project was started if I know, if the year includes a question mark, I've made an educated guess.  I've also decided to take the numbering off the list. This is really more about me tracking the state of each project and less about how many projects there are. (I'll save you the counting and put the total number at the bottom of the post.) I've also decided to only include quilting projects here. At the moment, I don't think I have anything in progress in the way of bags, garments, or yarn. Some intentions, but nothing started.

So I hope you have a comfy seat and a cozy drink... scroll on, my friends.

Just Need Binding

  • 11 Mini Mini Monochromatic Scrappy Slab Quilts (2020)
  • Mini quilt inspired by Ellyn's photo (2021) - Ellyn's photo, used with permission:
  • Waterfall Quilt (2018)
  • Scattered Squares (2018)
  • Variation of Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, Wall Hanging (2017) 

Quilting In Progress

  • 6 Personal Symbols Mini Quilts (2021)

Finished Quilt Tops

  • Hanukkah Morewood Mystery Quilt (2020)
  • Quilt Connection Lap Quilt (2021)
  • Round Robin Medallion (2019)
  • Island Batik Bear's Paw (2019)
  • Laura Wasilowski Workshop Project (2021)
  • Burger (2020)
  • Watermelon (2020)
  • Tic Tac Toe (2020)
  • Beads On a String (2019)
  • 5 Green Improv Mini Quilts (2021)
  • Mini Mini Star from Sewcialite Sew Along (2020)
  • 9-Patches (2020)
  • Crosses and Strips (2020)
  • Rainbow Skinny + (2020)
  • Rainbow Curves (2020)
  • Blue & Green Curves (2020)
  • Tiny Green Triangles (2020)

All Blocks Complete

  • Quartered Log Cabin (2016)
  • Rainbow Remix (2016)
  • Monochromatic Improv Maximalism (2020)
  • Tula Pink City Sampler (2017)
  • Turquoise/Yellow/Orange Improv (2021)
  • Patchwork City (2015)
  • Fantastic Fusion (2021)
  • Ocean quilt for my daughter (2012?)

Piecing in Progress

  • Swoon (2016)
  • Rainbow Chain (2016)
  • Improv Log Cabins (2021)
  • Floating Squares (2016)
  • Mosaic Mystery (2019)
  • All About Angles in Cherrywood Blue Lagoon (2017)
  • All About Angles in Cherrywood Meadow + Indigo (2019)
  • All About Angles in Alison Glass Kaleidoscope (2021)
  • Trinket (2019)
  • Purple Royalty quilt (2015?)
  • La Passacaglia 
  • Playing with solids project from Tara Faughnan class (2017)
  • Green Stripes (2021)
  • Pink Curves (2019)
  • Fabric Challenge (2018)
  • Improv Triangles in Blue (2021)
  • Improv Slab (2020)
  • Geese & Polygons (2020)
  • Purple Prism Play

Cut, Not Pieced

  • Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, large scale
  • Katie P-M class (2021)

Fabric Pulled

  • Macaron Mystery (2021)


There they all are! There are 72(!) projects in this list. Two projects from my 2019 list are MIA, but I think I may have passed those projects on to the philanthropy/charity group in one of my guilds. If they turn up, I'll add them back into this list. Some of these may be rehomed. And Saturday I'll be back to share as many small finishes as I can muster this week.

My goal is to repost this list regularly, though I'm not sure if I'll do that quarterly or just twice a year. I've missed having the updated blog post of projects the last two years.

It's currently UFOvember! Hop over to my post from the beginning of the month to see links of the daily posts. The first week is all folks talking about their UFO inventory. Many have shared tips or tricks for keeping track. I'd love to hear what you do to keep track of your projects in the comments.

Thanks for visiting!

19 thoughts on “The Current UFO List

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks, Kathleen. I find it helpful to have the look at the whole list so I can figure out what's inspiring more the most at the moment... then work on those projects!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      It's pieced fabric. The Fabric Challenge project under "Piecing in Progress" has pieced strips that finish at 1/8" wide. In the Rainbow Skinny Cross I used the same technique, but just pushed the envelope a little. Those strips are less than 1/16" wide finished. Thanks for asking, Amber! :-)

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Paula. I definitely have some favorite colors and palettes that come though in this list. Thanks for visiting.

  1. Perhaps you should finish "Ocean Quilt" for your daughter first, since she's been waiting since 2012. You certainly have a wonderful selection of WIPs. Maybe I should count mine some day?

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Way to spot the oldest WIP! That is one of the few projects that got shelved due to technical difficulties. I was trying to fuse the fish and my fabric bled all over the place. So then I washed the pieced top to try to stop the bleed. I'm kind of afraid of it. I have finished other quilts for her in that time. Right now she (age 9 now) and I are working together on a plan to rework it a bit. And it's currently laying on the middle of my studio floor. So I'm gonna try to make it a priority soon. I'd sure like to have it done. Thanks for visiting, Jenny!

  2. Joan

    Sarah have you considered combining several of your pieced creations and blocks into a great large quilt? I noticed a reoccurring color way in several and it might be fun to mix and match curves, lines, prints and solids from several WIPS to create a larger quilt or even a fabulous coat! Thinking about Laura Wasilowski Workshop Project as center back or front showpiece mixed with Rainbow on bottom edges or perhaps shoulder piece..... It would be spectacular, unexpected and use several of your started projects... You are always so creative this challenge may appeal! (of course the suggestion does come from someone who has as many WIPs as you do so maybe do as I say not as I do applies?? :)

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you for the great idea, Joan. I'm not sure if it'll come to fruition, but that would be a great way to have fewer WIPs/UFOs. Your tip reminds me of Bobbie's super sneaky trick to avoid UFOs. In the short term, I think I'm going to be more focused on rehoming some of these projects and finishing the ones that are close or small. Then I'll reassess and I'll keep your idea in mind. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I like the idea to sort them by stage. I usually categorize by date - oldest to newest - this is an interesting new viewpoint. Good luck with the fast and easy WIP weeks. xo

    1. sarah

      Post author

      I often want to work on a particular type of work (like piecing or quilting). And this way it's easy for me to see what is closest to being done. I like that I added the years so I can scan for oldest projects too. Thanks for visiting, Melanie.

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Tiffany! I find the list so helpful to *not* feeling overwhelmed because I know nothing is in hiding and going to catch me off guard. I'd love to see your list if you share it online.

  4. Anja @ Anja Quilts

    This is quite a list. Good luck. I just re-did my list tonight. I'll number them once I organize the list. ☺


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