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I shared my first twelve Waterfall quilt blocks last week. I haven't had time to stitch more up yet, but I did do the pre-sewing work of laying out the next dozen blocks. I find for the speediest chain piecing it helps for me to have numerous blocks lined up and ready to sew. Since all my cutting was done before I started sewing, this step is pretty quick.

This quilt is made improvisationally with blocks pieced in a variety of values to build the final gradation, so I found it helpful to build multiple blocks at once. I like to use my design wall (or design floor here) to view the blocks side by side. It helps allow me to ensure that I am building light, dark, and medium value blocks. In this batch, I aimed for a couple of them to be half and half on value, where one side is a darker value than the other side.

I'm looking forward to getting these stitched up. They will be my weeks 7, 8, and 9 blocks.


I'm making the baby version which is a mere 4 blocks a week at this point. I realized just how quickly they sewed up when I pieced 4 blocks in a half hour on Saturday evening. I finished 4 more on Sunday and pressed them all up to share with you today. This makes me caught up to the QAL schedule. Woo hoo!

In my week 5 blocks I focused on making the darkest blocks I could.

In my week 6 blocks I made some of the lightest possible blocks. 

Here are my first 12 blocks all together. I definitely have a variety of values, but I'm missing some mid-tone blocks at this point. I may also rip a few seams in my strip pieced units to mix things up and create some lighter overall strips and darker overall strips. My finished quilt will have 30 blocks, so I'm approaching halfway.

Thank you to Amy for hosting the Quilt Along. You can see my earlier progress in my Weeks 1 & 2Week 3, and Week 4 posts.


I'm still behind the official schedule, but I'm making progress on my Waterfall quilt. Week 4 included cutting up the strips and making the first 3 blocks (for the baby size quilt).

My lights feel not so light to me, but I'm happy with how these blocks came out and I have stacks lined up for some of my darkest blocks next so you'll see the value contrast as I continue sewing. I think I also didn't follow directions for the strip piecing and may pick out a few seams to shuffle things around so I will have some lighter strips and some darker strips.

All the details of the Quilt Along are on Amy's Creative Side. You can see my earlier progress in my Weeks 1 & 2 and Week 3 posts.