Waterfall QAL: Weeks 5 & 6

I'm making the baby version which is a mere 4 blocks a week at this point. I realized just how quickly they sewed up when I pieced 4 blocks in a half hour on Saturday evening. I finished 4 more on Sunday and pressed them all up to share with you today. This makes me caught up to the QAL schedule. Woo hoo!

In my week 5 blocks I focused on making the darkest blocks I could.

In my week 6 blocks I made some of the lightest possible blocks. 

Here are my first 12 blocks all together. I definitely have a variety of values, but I'm missing some mid-tone blocks at this point. I may also rip a few seams in my strip pieced units to mix things up and create some lighter overall strips and darker overall strips. My finished quilt will have 30 blocks, so I'm approaching halfway.

Thank you to Amy for hosting the Quilt Along. You can see my earlier progress in my Weeks 1 & 2Week 3, and Week 4 posts.

2 thoughts on “Waterfall QAL: Weeks 5 & 6

    1. sarah

      Post author

      I won't tear up these blocks (I don't think), I'll just shuffle around some of the parts of the pieced strips. After I make some mid tone blocks I'll probably fiddle with those a bit.


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