Waterfall QAL: Preparing More Blocks

I shared my first twelve Waterfall quilt blocks last week. I haven't had time to stitch more up yet, but I did do the pre-sewing work of laying out the next dozen blocks. I find for the speediest chain piecing it helps for me to have numerous blocks lined up and ready to sew. Since all my cutting was done before I started sewing, this step is pretty quick.

This quilt is made improvisationally with blocks pieced in a variety of values to build the final gradation, so I found it helpful to build multiple blocks at once. I like to use my design wall (or design floor here) to view the blocks side by side. It helps allow me to ensure that I am building light, dark, and medium value blocks. In this batch, I aimed for a couple of them to be half and half on value, where one side is a darker value than the other side.

I'm looking forward to getting these stitched up. They will be my weeks 7, 8, and 9 blocks.

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