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How many quilting UnFinished Objects do you have? Do you know?

I used to post a quarterly list of all the projects here on my blog. I loved it. I could see everything in one place and that meant that I didn't have hidden projects out of sight, out of mind. Nothing surprised me when I opened a closet or cabinet that hadn't been opened in a while. It's been just over two years since my last Finish Along blog post. I'm not really sure how many projects I have now... and I've maybe forgotten about some of them.

I had been wanting to resurrect the list, posting it regularly on the blog again. Maybe quarterly, maybe just twice a year. And then Bobbie (of The Geeky Bobbin) reached out to invite me to join her UFOvember Blog Hop.

Huzzah! I've signed up to share a finished UFO with you on November 13 for the Blog Hop alongside 29 other quilters who will be sharing about their UFO inventory, and how they are resuming, reworking, and rehoming those UFOs this month!

So in the next few days I'll be working on updating my list which I'll share later this month. And I'll be back to share my finish on November 13.

Here's the amazing lineup of participants. Bookmark this page so you can get back here to visit each day's new blog post. The first four posts are already live. Enjoy!

Please share how many UFOs you have in the comments and feel free to make a guess at how many quilting UFOs I currently have. ;-) When I update my list I'm going to try to include the age of each project. So if you want to guess how old my oldest UFO is, feel free!