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Last month I posted about N's birthday cookies. Her brother's birthday is this month. When they were here enjoying N's cookies, I had the batch for M's birthday celebration on March 2nd in the freezer. I didn't mention it to him.

Last Thursday morning my sister-in-law called. She said she had asked M what kind of cake he'd like when we get together with the family for his birthday. He declared that he'd like "Auntie Sarah's cookies with the hard icing on top." So my SIL was calling to see if that was a possibility. I confessed about my pile of Ms, 4s and fire trucks* waiting to be iced.  Here's the finished product:

four fire trucks for M's 4thIt took me about an hour and 45 minutes to color the icing and decorate these dozen cookies.  (This doesn't count the time to actually make the icing, or to make and bake the cookies.) I continue to enjoy wet-on-wet decorating (used on the Ms and 4s). I'm also starting to try more designs that involve flooding one color against another color, like I did for the red on the truck around the white windows. (My most intricate example of this so far was the Rapunzel cookie.) Here are some more pictures:

fire truck cookie

fire truck birthday cookies

happy 4th birthday MIf you'd like to see how I did the marbled M cookies or the fire truck cookies, please check back. ;-)


*Turns out I had made truck cookies, not fire truck cookies. Ah well, iced them as fire trucks anyway.  :-)