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The Boy turned 4 this week. Today we celebrated with friends and family. I made some cookies. I had awesome help from my sister to decorate these for the airplane and helicopter themed party.

For a change, I didn't do any wet on wet decorating (though Jenn did wet on wet to make the 4 and G cookies). The 4, G, and propeller cookies were done as transfers, created on wax paper and then applied to the cookies once they were dry. I added the details to the planes with piping icing once the base layer was dry. I took inspiration from these "Let's Travel" cookies.

airplane cookiescloseup airplane cookiesred airplane cookieblue airplane cookie


Last month I posted about N's birthday cookies. Her brother's birthday is this month. When they were here enjoying N's cookies, I had the batch for M's birthday celebration on March 2nd in the freezer. I didn't mention it to him.

Last Thursday morning my sister-in-law called. She said she had asked M what kind of cake he'd like when we get together with the family for his birthday. He declared that he'd like "Auntie Sarah's cookies with the hard icing on top." So my SIL was calling to see if that was a possibility. I confessed about my pile of Ms, 4s and fire trucks* waiting to be iced.  Here's the finished product:

four fire trucks for M's 4thIt took me about an hour and 45 minutes to color the icing and decorate these dozen cookies.  (This doesn't count the time to actually make the icing, or to make and bake the cookies.) I continue to enjoy wet-on-wet decorating (used on the Ms and 4s). I'm also starting to try more designs that involve flooding one color against another color, like I did for the red on the truck around the white windows. (My most intricate example of this so far was the Rapunzel cookie.) Here are some more pictures:

fire truck cookie

fire truck birthday cookies

happy 4th birthday MIf you'd like to see how I did the marbled M cookies or the fire truck cookies, please check back. ;-)


*Turns out I had made truck cookies, not fire truck cookies. Ah well, iced them as fire trucks anyway.  :-)


S turns 4S's party has a Tangled/Rapunzel theme and I was helping with some other aspects of the party planning. Obviously, I wanted to make some cookies as well. I decided to go for it. The most detailed, most colorful cookie I've attempted. I baked a gingerbread girl shaped cookie... just one. Talk about rolling the dice. No room for error. No pressure. Really, none at all. I guess worst case, only The Boy and I would have known that I was attempting something I didn't deliver if it didn't go well.

In surfing Pinterest posts of Tangled parties I ran across tons of adorable party ideas. When it came to sitting down to decorate cookies at nearly 10pm the night before the party, I hadn't a real clue of how I was going to decorate a cookie in a likeness of Rapunzel. So back to Pinterest and I ran across a pin that brought me to this Tangled Inspired Birthday Party. Aha! A lovely Rapunzel image on the invitation that I thought I had a fair chance of turning into a cookie. I did decide to use one of my circles to practice the shape of the face and hair. Then I went to town on the real deal:

Rapunzel cookieIt's not perfect, but this is officially the most detailed cookie I've made thus far.

ready for the partyAgain with the formula of a few feature cookies and a bunch of more simply decorated smaller cookies.  I really went for fast with these: dots, stripes and hearts. I've also decided that I need to always have a bank of basic shapes (circles, squares, etc.) in the freezer so when I have extra icing after doing a main project I can make more cookies within a day to coordinate or just as practice. Or simply to eat. After decorating the batch of Valentine's cookies I wanted to do more, but all I had remaining that were baked and undecorated were cookies for upcoming birthdays, so I had none to spare.