Cookie Decorating

Royal Icing decorated cookies


Mystery Quilt

Here's my progress on my December ALYoF goal... a mystery quilt I started in 2006! I have just under 48 hours to crank out a finish with some uncomplicated free motion quilting. I'm so excited to have the quilt top finished. I'm looking forward to giving it away, but I might have to spent some time looking at it first. :-)

completed red, black and white mystery quilt topdetail view of red, black and white mystery quilt


Little Letters

I finished piecing all my letters for my two little letters quilts. I need to cut about a million (okay 84) 1.5" corner squares for the sashing. Then I'll be able to get these all pieced together. Little Letters blocks in brightsLittle Letters blocks in blues and greens


do. Good Stitches

Here are my December do. Good Stitches blocks for the Promise Circle. These scrappy domino blocks went together very quickly. I was even able to raid my 2 1/2" strip scrap pile for some of the pieces. They are on their way to Diana in New York. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.   scrappy domino block with low volume backgroundscrappy domino block with low volume background


Drawstring Bag

My mother-in-law does embroidery and a while back I noticed that she was keeping her supplies in a plastic shopping bag. Then I saw this adorable fabric and I decided that she needed a large lined drawstring bag for her project and supplies. This one is the Artist Bag size of Jeni Baker's Lined Drawstring Bag.


lined drawstring bag with red and white fabric featuring embroidery diagrams



I started making progress on my Disney Mini Quilt. I won't be able to show too many progress pictures, because I think it would give it away to the recipient, but I'm very excited about my plan and hope she'll love it!

pieced striped background



I made 10 dozen holiday cookies... Here are the quilt block cookies I brought to my guild's holiday party and a selection of the 7 dozen that I brought to the annual cookie party that I attend.

quilt block royal icing cookiesChristmas royal icing cookies



I guess I've been busy. We also celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas with family. I hope the holiday season was enjoyable for you and your family.

Dozens of hanukkiahs lit for the 4th night of Hanukkah.
Hanukkah celebration with our congregation (4th night).

Hanukkiah with candles for last night of Hanukkah.




The Boy turned 4 this week. Today we celebrated with friends and family. I made some cookies. I had awesome help from my sister to decorate these for the airplane and helicopter themed party.

For a change, I didn't do any wet on wet decorating (though Jenn did wet on wet to make the 4 and G cookies). The 4, G, and propeller cookies were done as transfers, created on wax paper and then applied to the cookies once they were dry. I added the details to the planes with piping icing once the base layer was dry. I took inspiration from these "Let's Travel" cookies.

airplane cookiescloseup airplane cookiesred airplane cookieblue airplane cookie


Last Fall, while The Husband was working for Intuit there was a Hack Day that he participated in. Of course, I immediately thought, "I can make cookies!" The Husband brainstormed with me about what logos were representative of the event and what text I could use on cookies. Here's a sample of the finished selection. I hear they were very popular with the folks at Hack Day.

Intuit Hack Day Cookies 6Intuit Hack Day Cookies 5

the Intuit logo
the Intuit logo
the Chrome logo
the Chrome logo
the Ruby logo
the Ruby logo
the Ruby on Rails logo
the Ruby on Rails logo


How I Made the Ruby Cookies

After first sketching on paper, I used my Gourmet Writer Food Color Pen to sketch the outline onto the cookie.

Intuit Hack Day Cookies 9Then I piped the outlines of the facets of the ruby, allowing them to dry a bit before filling each area with the same red. A little dot of white and some wet-on-wet toothpick work made the "sparkle" on the gem.

Intuit Hack Day Cookies 7