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I really appreciate Yvonne's nudge to revisit my 2018 goals for her 2018 Mid Year Review Linkup. A quick peek at my 2018 Goals post reminded me of what I had in mind for 2018. My goals break down into these categories: Teaching, Patterns, Design, Challenges, and Garment Sewing.



I started teaching quilt workshops in late 2017 and wanted to continue into 2018 and beyond. I attended two Meet the Teachers events (in Northern and Southern California) in April, featuring my two Planned Improv workshops. From these events, I am booked to teach and lecture at six California quilt guilds from November 2018 to May 2019.

I'm still intrigued by the possibility of developing online quilt courses, but that piece continues to be on the back burner for now.



There are three patterns in development (Scattered Squares, Floating Hexagons, and Ziggity Zag) which were slated for Q1 launch. They have been fully tested and are awaiting final edits and finished cover quilts. Other aspects of life took priority in Q1 and Q2 and Summer vacation does not provide a lot of time for the work that remains. They will be published as PDF patterns this year and I intend to have print patterns available by January 1, 2019.


Design & Challenges

I think these two actually go together, focusing on producing my own designs and participating in quilt challenges. I also wanted to use more solids. I've been using more solids in my designs, including submissions for Curated Quilts: i Mini and Connections. I participated in the six weekly Project QUILTING challenges at the start of the year. Mellow Yellow was one of those projects that featured solids. My involvement as an Island Batik Ambassador has provided monthly challenges in which to stretch my design muscles. And I've been working in a series with variations of my Scrappy Squares and All About Angles Planned Improv techniques. These projects will appear in my trunk shows when I lecture.


Garment Sewing

No progress here. I am allowing myself only two projects in the queue, with no further stashing of garment fabrics for future projects. (I already have a quilting stash and don't want to build a stash of garment fabrics.) Currently, I have the Butterick pattern, B6024, blouse in dark cerise chambray and a Blackwood Cardigan in black and white stripe bamboo jersey. Once one of those is made, I can queue up another. I've gotten so far as pre-washing my fabric for each.

I'm loving listening to the Love to Sew Podcast, which is a major inspiration to sew garments and I've love to make progress and add to #quiltersmakinggarments on Instagram. This may be a category for "once the kids are back in school."


Thank you to Yvonne for hosting the 2018 Mid Year Review Linkup.


Oh my gosh! I have 11 finished quilt tops waiting to be quilted. *gasp* This is clear evidence that I enjoy the piecing more than the quilting. And maybe that I have too many projects going at once.

In Q2 I completed seven projects from my list:

I also finished two mini quilts that I made with the Kindergarteners. Since a few of mine were lap quilts I didn't finish as many this quarter as last. Still, I'm very happy with nine projects in the finished column! That brings me to 25 for the first half of the year.

There are three new projects that I'm starting this month, but this clearly needs to be a "finish it up" kind of quarter. ;-) Many of these projects are workshop samples or will go into my trunk show when I lecture in the Fall and beyond. Here's the rundown. It's a long list (only 40!), but I really like to have them listed all in one place. ;-)

Just Need Binding

  1. Meadow Mystery, Lap Quilt.

Quilting In Progress

  1. Very Hungry Caterpillar Twin Quilt

Finished Quilt Tops

  1. Scattered Squares lap quilt (upcoming pattern).
  2. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, Greenery Lap Quilt.
  3. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, class sample Mini Quilt #2.
  4. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, class sample Mini Quilt #4.
  5. *Planned Improv: Playing with Angles, class sample Mini Quilt #1. 
  6. Charity baby quilt. 
  7. Feathered Star... pillow? 
  8. Variation of Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, Wall Hanging. 
  9. Wonder Full All About Angles #1 
  10. Wonder Full All About Angles #2 
  11. Pantone Ultra Violet All About Angles 

Piecing in Progress

  1. Fandangle Scrappy Squares.
  2. Island Batik secondary pattern quilt 
  3. Island Batik Floating Hexagons quilt 
  4. Planned Improv: Playing with Angles, class sample Mini Quilt #2.
  5. Tula Pink City Sampler. 
  6. Improv Abstraction, Small Quilt. 
  7. Creative HST project, Lap Quilt.
  8. In the Middle quilt, Lap Quilt.
  9. Cotton & Steel (and low volume) HST Quilt, Lap Quilt.
  10. Ocean quilt for my daughter.
  11. Patchwork City Metro Area Quilt.
  12. Swoon Quilt. 
  13. Rainbow Chain. The pattern is Autumn Chain from The Bee Hive quilts and IG friends. 
  14. My Floating Squares improv project. (from The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood.)
  15. Rainbow Remix from Rebecca Bryan's class at Quiltcon. Blocks are all done. Next up, the big job of piecing together irregular blocks.
  16. Wonky Cross quilt from Rossie Hutchinson's class at QuiltCon. I'm up to 50 blocks and they are now all trimmed up.
  17. Quartered Log Cabin quilt from Rossie Hutchinson's class at QuiltCon
  18. Purple Royalty quilt. 
  19. La Passacaglia. No way I'm finishing this anytime soon, but including it so my list is complete. 
  20. Blogger Bundle baby quilt.
  21. Playing with solids project from Tara Faughnan class. 

Planning Stage

  1. R's Waterfall Quilt from Sewing School Quilts 
  2. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, large scale. Purples are cut out.
  3. Floating Hexagons in Heliotrope and Breeze.
  4. Unnamed in Oasis and Pickle.
  5. Unnamed in grunge and linen neutrals.
  6. Island Batik Rep Sample.


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Folks... I didn't get it done. I worked on it. And I'm resolved to celebrate the small amount of progress. But my July One Monthly Goal is a repeat of my June Goal. Except I know this month a quilt finish just isn't gonna happen. So my little goal for July will be to make progress quilting the Twin Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt. In July I'd like to add 20 spirals of quilting. The spirals measure about 5" x 6" to 7" x 8" so this would be a considerable amount of progress... especially taking into account the Summer vacation schedule and other quilt related deadlines.

I'm free motion quilting these large rounded corner rectangular spirals that turn into oval spirals in the middle with Aurifil 50wt Marrakesh Variegated #3817. I like the combination of precision in the spacing and the freedom of the organic spirals in the middle. I first used this motif on a smaller version of this Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt, inspired by Cynthia's quilting. I love it on the smaller version, but I have to say, as I'm chipping away at quilting this twin sized quilt, I really wish I'd picked a less dense motif. My lines are about a half inch apart.

Wish me luck!

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