Project QUILTING 14.3: 54-40 or Fight

This week the Project QUILTING challenge was based on a traditional block, 54-40 or Fight.

As the week progressed with no progress, my quilt plans got smaller and smaller. I finally made it into the studio with less than 12 hours left to the deadline.

I used the traditional block as a springboard and pulled some fabrics in a palette I enjoyed. I opted for a grid-based design instead of piecing the 4-patch units. Taking creative liberties I omitted the 4-patch in the center, in favor of a single square.

Then I improv pieced the triangle units before deciding that I preferred them pointing out.

Here's the rundown of my sewing schedule for this project.

  • 10:38pm entered my studio with new idea
  • 10:42pm fabrics pulled
  • 10:59pm fabric cut
  • 11pm sewing underway 
  • 11:16 experimenting with pieced units 
  • 11:33 finished quilt top
  • 11:59pm finished quilt!
  • 12:00am photos taken
  • 12:34am blog post complete
  • 12:35am linked up

Tada! It's just over 4" square and pillowcase bound.

Thanks for visiting! I'm linking up on Kim's blog for the Project QUILTING 54-40 or Fight challenge.

As a longtime participant of Project QUILTING, I'm excited to be a sponsor this year. Each week as a Weekly Sponsor I have contributed a PDF pattern to one winner. Additionally, this week, I am the Ultimate Weekly Sponsor. The prize is a spot in one of my self-hosted open enrollment live virtual workshops. I'm also a Grand Prize Sponsor. Again, the prize is a spot in one of my self-hosted open enrollment live virtual workshops.

16 thoughts on “Project QUILTING 14.3: 54-40 or Fight

  1. Nancy

    I love the size of this. With my vision loss in one eye I have quit quilting. This little one gives me inspiration. In addition, your color and pattern choices as well as the off set make it special. Thanks for thinking small!

  2. Laura

    Love your colour choices. Interesting to see what can be done with this block.
    Thanks for donating prizes. It is generous of you.

  3. Katherine capotosto

    Awesome. I love making miniatures. I have issued a challenge to my guild here i Fantastic Quilt Guild in Fairfield Glade, TN. I made some 1" finished blocks that have 17 pieces in them. Love bright fabrics!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      I had to read that three times, Katherine. Those are some truly tiny pieces then. I'm gonna have to see some pictures. Are there any online?

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Kim! Always glad to be a cheerleader for Project QUILTING and glad I could sponsor this year.

  4. Kathleen McCormick

    I love the fabric that you used to mimic the 4 patches and the reversal of the points! Great little quilt for PQ!


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