2021 Goals

My tradition is to post my goals for the new year on December 31. Plans... Goals... Resolutions... I seem to be in good company with people who are feeling like planning is hard to do at the moment. I seriously considered a blank post here. Hats off to you much more ambitious folks.

Okay, here are some thoughts. They aren't grandiose. In many ways they are continuing status quo.


  • Walk daily.
  • Read daily. (I read 33 books this year which was awesome!)
  • Watercolor and other creative pursuits multiple times a week.
  • Board games 5-7 days a week with the family.

Personal Quilting

  • Finish some quilts.
  • Start some quilts.
  • Use pretty fabric.
  • Give quilts as gifts.

Blog and Newsletter

  • Continue the Show Me Something monthly quilt linkup (of current and past finishes). These will generally be posted the 1st of the month. Or maybe the 2nd or 3rd. ;-)
  • Blog multiple times a month.
  • Get back to a more regularly scheduled newsletter.
  • Update my quilt galleries. (Stretch goal.)

For My Business

In reality, I'll probably set short term goals as time and life allows. Like my current 100 Day Project. It works well for me to have a 15-minute a day sewing goal.


2021 Planning Party


I'm linking up with Yvonne's 2021 Planning Party and this is my final post for Cheryl's 31-Day Blog Writing Challenge.

12 thoughts on “2021 Goals

  1. Mel Beach

    Wonderful well-rounded goals!! I look forward to cheering you on over the course of the year and celebrating your progress!

  2. I recently redid my quilt galleries. I love the new layout, but I struggle with how to order them - how much I like them? Alphabetically? Date finished? Good luck with all your goals in 2021!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      So many options! I have started in date order, so I'll probably do more of that. But it also makes sense that I make some galleries that feature my workshops (quilts I've made, including multiple variations, as well as student work). It's a little daunting. That's why I don't have it done yet. Thanks for visiting, Karin.

  3. Great goals! I think it is actually an advantage to plan only for a few month. But it is great to have a big goal list to pull from when doing that planning. So best of luck! And have fun :)

    PS: I also love board games. We used to do a monthly games night. Currently on and off IRL because of covid but we started to play them on zoom. Most of our long games are co-operational games that we can play well on video. And the small ones are mostly die games which we can also play well.

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Melanie. We've done games on Zoom a bit. Luckily since all four of us like games, it is usually pretty easy to find someone to play with here. :-) I really miss having people over to the house and being able to host game day would be so lovely.

  4. Kathleen Scargle McCormick

    Great goals, Sarah. I think your goals are laid out nicely and you should do well with them.

  5. SewSocial

    I'm new to this, so not sure what I'm to do. Should I post plans for 2021? Post progress? Can I join any ongoing projects?

    1. sarah

      Post author

      My Show Me Something linkups are monthly linkups. I provide a theme and participants can linkup projects they make and finish that month in response to the theme and/or past finished projects that meet the theme. Thank you for visiting.


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