Quilty Things to Read

Here are a few of my favorite quilty things to read lately.


My newest quilt book is The Quilter's Field Guide to Color by Rachel Hauser. Not only is it a colorful feast for the eyes, but it is an interactive workbook with a large color swatch library and 14 experiments.

In addition to books about quilting and fabric and color, I read the entire Quilting Cozy series by Carol Dean Jones this year. The books follow the lives of a group of retirees (and various other characters) who live in a quaint, retirement village. Sarah Miller, main character and new quilter, and her friends solve a variety of mysteries. It was nice to follow the lives of the characters through ten books, starting with Tie Died.

And I recently got my hands on the Feed Sacks book from The Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration series which is so interesting to peruse. (I haven't yet gotten a copy of Quilted from the series. Ephemera and Print Maker are on my wishlist, too.)


I am loving QuiltFolk. This morning I dove into the latest issue, Minnesota, while I had my tea. I love the slice of life feel as we get a tour around each state.

I've also really enjoyed issues of What Women Create and Where Women Create, introduced to me by Timna Tarr who was featured in an issue of each magazine in 2019. These are great publications for meeting artists working in a wide variety of mediums.

Make Modern (PDF) is another favorite. I love the vibrant color and modern designs. And it's a bonus that it's digital and I can load it onto my phone for on the go reading.


What are your favorite quilty reads?

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