Candy Shoppe: Finished After Eleven Years

At the beginning of the month I set a goal to finish a quilt top I started eleven years ago. I'm proud to say that with three hours left in the month, it is done! (I look forward to getting it into some natural light for more pictures.)

the front
the back

Proudly linking up to the A Lovely Year of Finishes September Finishes Party and Let's Bee Social.

I'm linking up to Finish Along Quarter 3 Finish Party. Here is my full list of Q3 Finish Along Goals.

Edit: More pictures (taken in natural light) and Candy Shoppe's story can be viewed in my Oct 1 post.

7 thoughts on “Candy Shoppe: Finished After Eleven Years

  1. Hi Sarah! This is fantastic quilt! All the colours mixed together looks great and the different blocks with the border makes the pattern interesting! x Teje


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