Sunday Stash #14: No New Fabric

No new fabric this week as I continue to wash, iron, fold and organize my stash. It feels so good to almost have it completely under control.

I do have a few fun new tools. First, a giant ruler for squaring up my 12-inch blocks for my most recent project.

Behold, the 16.5" square ruler!

I decided on 16.5" (there are a lot of giant ruler options!) because the giant wonky star quilt used 16" finished blocks and if I were to do a single block quilt, I like a 60" square lap quilt, so four 16" sections would work for that, too. It's made by Creative Grids. Right now I can't really imagine needing a bigger square. Wonder when that will change. :-)

In trimming my scraps, I've been frustrated with having to move all the pieces many times to trim them down to my desired sizes (more on that soon) so I decided to get myself a rotating cutting mat. I went with the 7" Fiskars to decide how I like it. Most of my scrap trimming can be done on that size, I think. I also got a 6.5" square Creative Grids ruler, because I hate my current 6.5" square. I have to say, this new setup kinda makes me want to make a bunch of half square triangles that I need to square up... and I don't really even enjoy making half square triangles.

In non-quilting news, these are the colors for my daughter's room. The ceiling was painted white on Friday. Wall paint starts tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #14: No New Fabric

  1. I recently go that same ruler and the rotating mat (in a larger size). So far I like it better than the previous brand. Good luck with the painting, the colors are pretty

    1. sarah

      Post author

      SO exhausted from painted... and neglectful in not replying sooner since I've been painting for two days. I look forward to getting to use my new mat! Glad to hear you like it!

  2. I just used my 20.5 inch square ruler yesterday to cut out Minky pillowcases. With a friend. Giant rulers are awesome. And I use my 13 inch rotating mat like yours all the time. You made some great choices.


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