August Project Goals

The Primary (and A Lovely Year of Finishes) Goal

I think the only way I'll make the applique a priority is if I make it the goal. So here we go. I'm going to applique some fish and seaweed to finish at least one mug rug... applique it, quilt it, and bind it. This will be my first time using turned edge machine applique. I've picked my method. I've purchased my supplies. Unless I hate it I suspect I'll work assembly line style and get all four done. This is the precursor to finally pulling the trigger on adding applique fish and other sea life to The Girl's quilt. Perhaps that will be September's goal. :-) Here's where I'm at: fish mug rug in progress

The Bonus Goals

  • Finish piecing the top of the 2006 mystery quilt.
  • Quilt blocks 3 and 4 from the Building Blocks Quilt Along.
  • Create and submit a quilt for the Farm to Fabric Challenge.
  • Visit some more quilt shops participating in the Row by Row Experience.
  • Finish quilting and binding 1-4 philanthropy quilts so I can turn them in at the Aug 25th meeting.
  • More progress on the Wonky Blocks.
  • Start my memory quilt... I've been collecting fabrics out of my stash from all my completed quilts.

I'm linking up to ALYoF August Goal Setting Party.

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