Quiet Book Page Swap: Round 1

In July, I'm participating in a second round of swapping quiet book pages with some local moms. That brings to mind the fact that I never shared the result after my first swap, when I made the fish pages this past Spring.

In round one I made 13 identical pages and ended up with a lovely book that both The Girl and The Boy have really enjoyed. I'm excited to be adding new pages to it.


Bead Counting by Kate

I've always liked this one when I've seen it online. (I'm drawn to all number things, being a former math teacher!) The Girl likes to count the beads. We also talk about the colors.

bead counting pagebead counting


Shapes by Dawn & Shannon

This is a great no-sew page. The Girl loves this one. Now she knows all the colors and all the shapes. She also thinks I'm really silly when I stick a shape in the wrong place.

shapes page


Mitten by Shellie

Both kids like to put their hand into the mitten. It's a bummer my giant hand doesn't fit. Especially because purple is my favorite color. ;-)

mitten page


Monkey Brushing Teeth by Amber

First, oh my gosh! The detail on this hand sewn page is great! The kids both love brushing the monkey's teeth. This page makes me smile every time I see it.

monkey brushing teeth pagemonkey detailbrushing monkey's teeth


Tic Tac Toe by Dawn & Shannon

The Girl isn't quite ready to learn the ins and outs of tic tac toe, so she just enjoys taking the X's and O's out of the pocket and sticking them anywhere. The Boy has just learned the game, so we occasionally get a game in when The Girl isn't looking.

tic tac toe page


Sock Matching by Nicki

This is another of The Girl's favorites. I love that the socks are on ribbons, so they aren't loose pieces.

sock matching page asock matching page bplaying match-a-sock


Mr. Potato Head by Sarah and Mellissa

Who doesn't love Mr. Potato Head!? Complete with his bucket of parts, these pages are super fun. The Girl has peeled apart some of the pieces that were glued together, like the earrings that were attached to the ears. So far it's working for them to just be separate, but I might stitch them together.

Mr. Potato Head pagesMr. Potato Head partsplaying with Mr. Potato Head aplaying with Mr. Potato Head b


Farm Pages by Anne

Another one of my personal favorites. Such detail! The Girl has learned how to unbutton the barn closure to get to the adorable farm animal finger puppets. She likes to put them on the field page and also on her fingers.

farm pages afarm pages bfarm pages cfarm pages dplaying with the farm


Fish by Me

When I was deciding on which page I'd do I liked this one because it had movement, but no removable parts.

fish page


Flowers by Mary

Neither kiddo is really buttoning yet. The Boy has just started to try to work on buttons with this page. The Girl just likes to tell me to do it. ;-) When the flowers are off the pot functions as a pocket to keep them in.

flower page a

flower page b
Monica stitched all the pages together and put them together as a book. I love the grommet and ring setup, because we can add pages to the book, or swap them out to change things up.

Thanks for looking. After this weekend I'll be cranking out my pages for round two!

I'm linking up on Show and Tell Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Quiet Book Page Swap: Round 1

  1. Amber

    Oh, neat! I heard the stories when you were working on it but never saw the finished pages. Some of these are really spectacular. Nice work, everyone!

  2. Wendy

    I would love a book like this for my little one, but could never pull it off. I wonder if anyone out there has anything similar for sale?!


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