June Goals: Final Report

This goal setting thing really works. It was a great help to prioritize my projects. My June Goals post gave me somewhere to look back to when I was overwhelmed by the many options in and around my sewing room.

The Primary (and ALYoF) Goal

Build a Bouquet Flower BagI finished ten lined drawstring bags, 7 were given as gifts, The Girl got one for toys (above), and two are in the "gifts to be given" pile.

The Bonus Goals

  • Decide on my plan for party outfits for the kids to wear at The Boy's birthday party next month. Check. Here's a glimpse of my fabrics (but not that green one, cause it doesn't really work)... more coordinating fabrics needed. The Boy's birthday fabrics
  • Complete the step 12 of my mystery quilt. Check. I made these 99 units from 297 pieces. I even started step 13 to piece the small pieces together to make 9-patch blocks.

mystery quilt progress

Um... I'm loving to see all the completed blocks from others on Facebook as I fall farther and farther behind!

  • Do something with my patriotic orphan block. Check. (Don't you love the metric of "do something"?) At the start of the month I had two blocks. Now I have four. Marji says I should have an odd number... so I guess I have to make one more! Hm... the 4th of July is SOON.

9-inch patriotic blockstwo more patriotic blocks

What I'm doing next on this project is to learn how to do machine applique with a turned edge. I intend to do a small project (or four!) to practice before I dive in on creating some fish and seaweed for the quilt. I've pulled fabric to make a few mug rugs with some small fish and seaweed.

for four mug rugs

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