Sunday Stash #7: American Made Brand Solids

Earlier this month I started seeing posts from blogs participating in the American Made Brand Blog Tour and read more about the new company. I'm so pleased with their mission to be a company that produces "a fabric entirely sourced and manufactured in the United States."

Naturally, I just had to have some!

American Made Brand Solids

Jewels Fat Quarter BundleJewels Fat Quarter Bundle,left to right: Light Red (4), Dark Green (22), Olive (24), Dark Purple (28), Dark Orange (37), Dark Eggplant (46), Brick (51), Dark Rust (72), Dark Tomato (81), Dark Indigo (96), Forest (113).

American Made Brand YardageYardage, left to right: Dark Brown (16), White (1), Purple (27), Periwinkle (85), Orange (36), Lime (18), Gray (6), Dark Gray (7), Black (3).

I'm toying with working on a quilt to enter in their Farm to Fabric Challenge. Somewhere around here I have a sketch of what I'm thinking of doing. Here's a peek at my palette:

Secondary ColorsLinking up with Stitch by Stitch for Anything Goes Monday.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #7: American Made Brand Solids

  1. Marji

    Sarah, your colors are fabulous, you can call it 'Antioxidant Delight'! All kinds of beta-carotene and flavinoids in that palette. If only people put more of your palette on their plates we would be a healthy crew!
    Find your sketch please!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      I found my sketch... in my wallet. But I think it'll have to remain a secret until the notification date. :-) Thanks for the name idea. I have such trouble naming my quilts. I think I need to finish quilts more frequently so I can work on that skill.

  2. Sarah,
    These colors are so rich. I can just see a gorgeous quilt incorporating all of these. Looking forward to seeing your finished project!


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