Charley Harper Fabric Bins

This was such a quick and easy project. I loved the Fabric Bin Tutorial on Birch Fabrics. If I'd have had all the supplies I needed (oops) and more focused time, I could have easily finished the project in a day.

I feel like it's a little risky to post about a gift before giving the gift, but yeah. I guess I'm just too excited to have a finished project to share.

I have a friend with a nearly 2-year-old who happens to love Charley Harper art. In fact, she used some of Harper's art in decorating her son's room. I wasn't familiar with Charley Harper until she educated me two years ago, so naturally, I think of her whenever I see the Charley Harper fabrics. When I saw the fabric bin tutorial I thought voila! Charley Harper Fabric Bins!!

Like I said, they went together pretty easily. I had a bit of trouble smoothly adhering the Pellon to the fabric which made me thankful it was attached to the inner fabric. ;-) And the fabric/Pellon really got wrinkled up when turning it after sewing the inner and outer fabrics together. When I ironed the folded over top edge I also steamed the sides a bit and I was very happy with the finished look.

Here are some pictures of the finished bins. I can just imagine them filled up with blocks and matchbox cars and trains.

Charley Harper Fabric Bins1Charley Harper Fabric Bins3Charley Harper Fabric Bins4Charley Harper Fabric Bins5Charley Harper Fabric Bins7Charley Harper Fabric Bins8Charley Harper Fabric Bins9I've linked up to Fabric Frenzy Friday.

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