Quilt Talk at School

Tomorrow morning, I'll be speaking about quilts for circle time in The Boy's primary class. I'm excited to share my passion for quilting with twenty 3-6 year olds.  Basically, I'm going to show them the stages of making a quilt. Here's my pile for show and tell.

quilting talk 01I'll start by passing around a few pieces of fabric.

quilting talk 02Then I'll show them some completed quilt tops. (I realize now there's a missing step in there... I'll add some strips and squares to my pile for how to get to a completed top.)

quilting talk 03Next I'll pass around some pieces of batting and show them the three layers that make a quilt a quilt: top, batting and backing.

quilting talk 05I have lots of samples of different types of quilting (thank you, Leah Day). (If I pull my t-shirt quilt off my bed then I'll even have a tied quilt.)

quilting talk 06quilting talk 07Finally, a piece of binding and some completed quilts, wall hanging to queen sized, including my Ribbit Quilt and The Purple Quilt.

quilting talk 08I'm also bringing one of my favorite children's books to read to them, The Quiltmaker's Gift.

quilting talk 09I prepped a couple little quilt sandwiches to leave for the students to do some hand quilting on as well.

quilting talk 10

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6 thoughts on “Quilt Talk at School

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you! I had fun. While I don't specifically miss the full time teaching job I left behind, I really do enjoy the teaching part. And I'm always excited to share thing I'm passionate about with others.

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. Crafts in general are such a great activity to do with kids...as mine are grown up, I miss this a bit. I think we tried all sorts of well known and more obscure crafting adventures together. Thanks for sharing...

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks for visiting! Throughout my life I've done so many different types of crafty things. I'm really enjoying doing artsy and craftsy things with my kids now.


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