Cookies in Progress

This week is full of party preparations for The Girl's 2nd birthday party on Sunday. Today's task is to decorate the cookies. It's been a while since my last batch of cookies at the beginning of April (that I'm not sure I posted) so I was quite pleased this morning when coloring the icing came together faster than normal. I think the secret was to start out with a batch of icing that wasn't so thick -- it wasn't SO HARD to stir when adding color and it didn't take as much thinning after it was colored. I made piping icing and thinned down to about 10-second icing for my flood icing.

icing mixed and ready to go

0 down, 129 to go...

129 cookies

Here's part of my inspiration for this set:

tiny ladybug

2 thoughts on “Cookies in Progress

  1. Marji

    You are the most scientific icing artist I know! Can't wait to see the garden of cookies for the big TWO!


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