Throwback Thursday: Chef’s Hats and Aprons

In 2011, I ran across some patterns for a kid's apron and chef's hat.  (links to the PDF downloads of the patterns can be found on the sidebar of this blog)

I decided that year to make a set for each my niece and nephew (nearly 4 and 2 at the time). I found the pattern adorable, and not so hard to make. The apron is reversible and I chose to put pockets on both sides of mine.

For my nephew

I love me the Urban Zoologie dinosaurs!

dino apron and hat frontdino apron and hat back


For my niece

Favorite color = pink!

pink apron and hat flamingo sidepink apron and hat


For The Boy

Finally in Fall 2013 I made this delicious set using the Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric. I love this fabric so much!

VHC apron frontVHC apron backAnd me sporting his chef's hat:

VHC chef's hat

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