Quick Mother’s Day Craft

Mother's Day is on Sunday. The Girl's 2nd birthday is the following Saturday. In searching for party stuff for her bug themed party, I ran across these cute hand print butterflies and decided I'd make them for the grandmothers for Mother's Day. We actually made three sets, so I can have one and it can be used to decorate for the party.

All in all this was fast and easy. I used washable tempera paint and a paintbrush to coat the hand/foot. I realized early on that I needed the kid to relax and let me move their limb (and it was much easier on a nearly 4 year old than a nearly 2 year old). Then during nap time I cut out all the hands and cut the bodies out of black construction paper. The Girl woke up before I was finished, so she supervised my gluing of the pieces and attachment of the pipe cleaner antennae. And she helped adhere the googly eyes.

handprints and footprintsLots of smudges with The Girl's hands (in red) so we did a bunch of extras.

handprints butterfliesI'll label with back with the year and whose hands are whose. The Girl's are red and The Boy's are blue, but you could just as easily use two sets of the same kid's hands to make them.

I finished those yesterday, but I hadn't used the footprints yet so I was inspired to make a dragonfly with The Girl's footprints. More decorations for the bug themed birthday party in two weeks. (Maybe he needs googly eyes, too.) I plan to fashion a ladybug out of The Boy's red footprints.

footprints dragonfly


We also had time this morning to make paper plate butterflies. Super easy for any age! We used the dot markers, but you could just as easily use paint, crayons, markers, stickers, etc. Once the plate was decorated I cut it in half using a wiggly line and glued it together. I think I'll include stuff to make these on the craft table for the party.

paper plate butterfly

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