Sunday Stash #1

Happy Mother's Day.

I started surfing on Sunday Stash posts in March. I find it fascinating to see the fabric that is purchased by others. It really tells you something about a person's style to see what fabrics they are drawn to. I have been drooling over the fabric purchases of others, so here goes... my first Sunday Stash post. I don't think I shop often enough to post EVERY Sunday (though I guess I have a fair amount of fabric in my possession to draw from as well), so I'll spread out some of my most recent purchases.  Starting with some of my very most recent acquisitions.

First, here's my first purchase that was inspired by seeing it on someone else's Sunday Stash post. I'm bummed that I can't figure out where I saw it. I just remember that it was someone who blamed another Sunday Stash poster for showing it to her. Update: Lori found me! Here's here stash building post from March over at Crossquilt. :-) These are Polka Dot Stitches by Bee in My Bonnet for Riley Blake Designs, Words in Red and Gingham in Red. I ordered from Quilt Essentials on etsy and it came in this cute little bag:


IMG_6167I have a gift in mind with this lovely fabric.


Onto another pile of fabric, ordered from Hawthorne Threads. I have always loved the Urban Zoologie line. I have a piece of Owl fabric in my stash that I just serged the edges of and used as a table runner for an owl themed brunch last year and I used the Dinosaurs fabric to make an apron for my nephew. In general, I have to restrain myself from buying Urban Zoologie fabrics. However, The Girl is having a bug themed 2nd birthday party ("ladybugs. bees. butterflies. dragonflies." if you ask her) this month and I decided the adorable Urban Zoologie Ladybugs were the right call for making an outfit for her. The Turtles? They were a completely unrelated splurge. No plan for them. They're just so cute!

IMG_6172So, I decided I'll go with a top made in the Ladybugs and some kind of coordinating fabric for pants. Here are the options (left to right, Riley Blake's Medium Chevron in Red and Black, Lizzy House's Pearl Bracelet in Chat Noir, Michael Miller's Chevy in Rouge and Robert Kaufman's Spot On in Red)... what do you think? (I realize now that I should have shot that in reverse, with the ladybugs on top and the pants options on bottom.)



Clearly I was into fun, novelty prints that day... Here are a couple others I picked up.

IMG_6176Ed Emberley Octopus in Deep Blue. Can you even stand how cute these guys are? And the Ed Emberley stuff is so nostalgic for me. I LOVED his drawing books as a kid.

IMG_6174These three are Amy Schimler's Jungle Creatures: Zeal of Zebras in Bright, Jungle Dots in Red, and Elephant Parade in Bright. I'm thinking a kids quilt, but who knows.

IMG_6175Lastly, I've kinda become a collector of Halloween fabrics. I love the oranges, purples and greens you often see. I have serious plans for an awesome Halloween quilt one of these days. I thought the Spook Crew were too cute to pass up and I loved the coordinating Spook Stars in Orange. Bonus, they were on sale.


I'm happy to report that the Ladybugs and coordinating red and black fabrics have all been prewashed and ironed and I'm ready to start cutting out pieces in the morning. Stay tuned for progress on the party outfit... I have 14 days. ;-) Thanks for taking a look! If you aren't already a subscriber, please join us by subscribing at the top right.


I linking up to the Sunday Stash post hosted by Em at Sewing by Moonlight.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #1

  1. Peri

    If I can find my old Halloween fabric, that I bought "years ago" it's yours! All I remember is a purple background! I was going to make a skirt or a cape or something.....

  2. Marji

    You are seriously set for your own Etsy shop one of these days! I can see lots of chef's hat and apron options in all those coordinating fabrics. Please tell me which fabric the Girl wore under the ladybug top for her birthday party!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      I don't finish projects fast enough at this stage in life to stock an Etsy shop of any size, but thank you. Etsy also already has a ton of cute aprons... though I will say, last I looked that the chef's hat options were lacking. :-) Her party isn't until next weekend, so the pants (or shorts?) have not only not been made, but they haven't been cut out yet. I decided on the black/red/white chevron. Mostly I'd ordered a bunch of options because I didn't want to order just one and have the reds not match. In the end I liked that one best because it had all three colors from the ladybug fabric in it. Wish me luck. There's a batch of cookies on my to do list this week, too.

  3. I think I enabled that first Sunday Stash purchase of yours from Quilt Essentials. That's funny how that happens. I had purchased the cream/tan but just recently added that red to my stash as well. I just couldn't live without both colors! Enjoy.

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Yes! Lori, it was you. I just scrolled way back on your blog and you are right! Perhaps you could enable me to make the project I had in mind for it! :-)


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