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I'm participating in Cheryl's Meadow Mystery quilt along. By "participating" I've been mostly "watching everyone else make progress sewing for the past 3 1/2 months while I do nothing."

In September, when the first sewing instructions came out, I cut out all my fabric (only a month behind schedule). This week I finally sewed some of that fabric together. So far, I've finished the September, October, and November sewing steps. And I'm about a third of the way done with the December sewing. With any luck I'll finish those blocks up today and switch gears to a couple free motion quilting projects that I'd like to finish in the next week or so.

Meadow Mystery September by Sarah Goer Quilts

First, September's instructions were all about HSTs. I made 56 HSTs using the two-at-a-time method. 32 of them went together in these four colorful blocks and the other 24 (butterflies/white, not all shown) were awaiting further instruction. I'm so pleased with having chosen the Tula print for the variations in color it brings to the project. My last mystery quilt was scrappy for each set of fabric. This time I stuck to one fabric for each set, but this print brings a bit of that scrappy quality that I love.

Meadow Mystery October by Sarah Goer Quilts

October's instructions were to make all the hourglass and half hourglass blocks (52 total!). You can better see here that my white is actually a white on white print with small flowers.

Meadow Mystery November by Sarah Goer Quilts

November's instructions were to create the 16 flying geese and 16 square in a square units. I'm a little concerned that my square in a square units don't quite have a quarter inch seam allowance off all the points. Hopefully I don't lose too many points from my inner squares once these are pieced into larger units. I totally could have ripped out all my stitching before I trimmed them so that I could fix my seam allowance, but it seems this was one of those "done is better than perfect" moments. ;-)

Meadow Mystery December by Sarah Goer Quilts

Today I used a bunch of those units from September and October's sewing to start making these blocks. There are nine in all to make in December. I have three more to sew of each of the top blocks. I had all nine blocks up on the design wall and what stood out to me is that this quilt is going to be a lot of white. Perhaps that should have been apparent when there were 2 1/4 yards of my white fabric and 3 1/4 yards of my four other fabrics combined. But it didn't really hit me until today. I have never made a quilt with so much white fabric. That said, I'm excited to see it coming together. I'm eager to see what January holds for this project. It's feeling great to be nearly caught up. Note to self: start piecing the backing fabric. I think I'll use remnants of these fabrics and other purples.









I have really enjoyed participating in quilt bees over the past two years. I was in Stash Bee in 2015 and both The Bee Hive and do. Good Stitches in 2015 and 2016. Today I mailed off my final blocks and I'll be taking a break from online quilt bees. I have two quilts in progress from my beautiful Bee Hive blocks and have contributed to many charity quilts with my do. Good Stitches blocks. I look forward to finishing my two quilts, one of which I may even keep for myself, as well as seeing the blocks I've contributed over the past months turned into finished quilts by my bee mates.

This weekend I got to work cutting out fabric for November and December bee blocks. I'm excited for them to be on their way.


The first block I made was a Fizzy block for Beckey. I love the color combination she chose. Any time I get to use low volume fabrics, I'm happy. She asked us to use grey, navy and any pink. It's worth noting that this block construction is designed to create a slightly oversized drunkard's path unit for each quarter that you trim down before putting the four sections together. It was fast and easy to construct!


Watermelon Plate

It was such a surprise when Jaime chose an altered version of my Watermelon Plate block for our November do. Good Stitches blocks. Her version features a rainbow, with low volume corners. Here's what she asked for:

Red: 2.5 x 12.5"
Orange: 1.5 x 12.5"
Yellow: 3 x 12.5"
Green: 2.5 x 12.5"
Blue: 2.5 x 12.5"
Purple: 3 x 12.5"
Low Volume: 4.5 x 4.5" (cut 4)


Tic Tac Toe

My final bee blocks for the year were Tic Tac Toe blocks for Tisha, who is making a Halloween quilt for her son. She was the leader and organizer or our swarm for the past two years, so I just couldn't resist making some extra blocks for her. It was fun to pick from my Halloween fabric and reminded me that I really need to make myself a Halloween quilt!


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Nothing like a deadline! It became obvious on social media the past couple days that I was in good company with many other quilters finishing up (or, in the case of some, just starting) our QuiltCon submissions for tonight's 10pm PST deadline.


Here's my sneak peak of my quilt (full reveal when I blog about the entire project), Perspective, which I submitted for the American Patchwork & Quilting Nine-Patch Challenge. I enjoyed playing with the geometry of a nine-patch by piecing skewed blocks. Then I had this wonderful recommendation (I'm looking you, Sarah N.) to pebble the background. I estimate I spent about 13 hours over the past two days to pebble the quilt. (My arms are so sore... so it totally counts as a workout, too, right?) I'm very pleased with the results of those marathon quilting sessions. And I'm feeling quite confident with pebble quilting now!

I also submitted my Retro Trailer mini quilt.

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday and my QuiltCon submissions are behind me, I can settle back into a more normal routine and get focused on some goals: quilting, blogging and otherwise. Oh, and bee blocks for November. Thank you for your patience! ;-)

Thanks for visiting! Happy sewing!