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Welcome to my stop on the Back to School Blog Hop for 2022! Now that my kids have been back in school for a few weeks, I've gotten back into the groove of getting into my studio more regularly. I've done some sewing, some tidying, some planning, and some writing. :-)

My newest class is Building an Improv Toolbox. (P.S. You can take it with me on November 5!) In improv I often don't concern myself with things lining up precisely, but even then, sometimes I do want it to happen. These tips are for those times... in addition to any precise piecing for patterns and traditional blocks.

First Tip - Press Seams Open

I like my seams pressed open for two reasons. The first is that I do a lot of my own quilting and really like how flat these seams lay when I'm doing free motion quilting on my domestic machine. Second, I find it really helps me with the precision! I've never had great luck with nested seams landing exactly where they should. This method helps me achieve perfect points when I want them.

Use a thin, high quality thread (my preference is Aurifil 50wt cotton thread for piecing) and reduce your stitch length a smidge for best results.


Second Tip - Use Pins

I don't use pins all the time, but when I want something to perfectly match up, I pull out the pins. I start by sticking one pin perpendicularly through the fabric -- right through the seam and 1/4" from the edge of the fabric. Then I go through the second layer of fabric with the same pin, stabbing through the seam 1/4" from the edge of the fabric. Obviously, we can't sew with a pin perpendicular to the fabric, so next I take two more pins and pin on either side of my guide pin. Then I remove that perpendicular guide pin and head to the machine.

Top view of pin through seams, 1/4 inch from the top edge.

Bottom view of pin through seams, 1/4 inch from the top edge.

Pin on either side of the seams.

Remove initial guide pin.

Final seam, pressed open and flat.


Third Tip - Just Sew a Little Bit

If that desired perfect point is in the middle of a long seam there is nothing worse than realizing it's a bit off and having to seam rip the entire seam. When these precise points fall in the middle of a long seam I just sew about an inch on either side of the point. With seams pressed open and pins as described above, I sew a couple inches including the point. Then I can take it to the ironing board and even temporarily press the seam as desired to get a good look at the precision. If I'm happy, I press the seams closed and return to my machine to sew the entire seam (right over my previous stitching for the test patch). If I'm unhappy with the precision then I only have a couple inches to rip out to try again.


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