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Thank you to Northern California Quilt Council and Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds for each hosting Meet the Teachers events this week. It's a bit like speed dating for quilt teachers. We each have 3 minutes to share about what we teach to guild representatives in attendance. The best way to stay in touch with me and what I'm teaching and creating is to subscribe to my newsletter.

My workshops are a bit of a choose your own adventure and a whole lot of fun! Students are encouraged to play while learning new improv piecing techniques. And I pack in tips and tricks along the way. I have lectures about color, 100 day projects, and improv piecing. I'd love to visit your guild on Zoom or in person.

If you've made it to my website because you're interested in having me teach or lecture for your guild or group, please check out my Teaching Page. You'll find descriptions for all my workshops and lectures and can reach out to me in email to start the conversation so I can answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for visiting!


In April I had the honor of presenting at two Meet the Teachers events in California. First, I attended the Northern California Quilt Council event about an hour from my house. Later that week I flew down to Long Beach to attend the event hosted by Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds. The general idea of these two events is similar, though the Southern California event is larger scale. In both cases, the participating teachers have a booth or table space to display their workshop offerings and promotional materials. Each teacher is allowed three minutes on stage to give a short spiel on their workshop and lecture offerings and there is time for guild representatives to circle the room and speak one-on-one with the teachers.

I attended NCQC Meet the Teachers in 2017 as an observer with my guild program chairs. It was helpful for me to have an idea of how the event is run so I would know what to expect. That information, together with insight from my friend Mel, was very helpful in preparing for attending as a participant this year. Some teachers had a much more elaborate setup than I did, but I had all the necessary items covered. I brought sample quilts, postcards that included photos of my workshop offerings, and a signup sheet for my newsletter. The one thing I'd definitely add next time is a quilt stand for hanging a quilt behind me at my table.

On stage the volunteers hold up each teacher's class sample quilts while the teacher gives their spiel. (Quilt holders are the best!) I shared about my two Planned Improv workshops, Scrappy Squares and All About Angles, as well as my three lecture offerings.

At my table I had a few more samples for people to see. And I gave the 30-second version of my spiel to the guild representatives who came by the table.

For the Southern California event, I traveled with my friend Mel Beach. (Thanks to her for snapping a few pictures of me!) You can read more about the fun we had in her recap of the events.

A great big thank you to all the NCQC and SCCQG volunteers for hosting Meet the Teachers! It's such a great opportunity and both events ran so smoothly. Also, thank you to all of the guild representatives (some of whom traveled quite a distance) for attending the event, and for stopping by my table to chat.

I'm curious. For those of you who live outside of California, are there organizations hosting events like these in your area?