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We are one week into Quilting the Countdown 100 day project. There are 93 days left until QuiltCon. I'm working on my dormant Patchwork City WIP and it's been exciting to get back to it. My goal is 15 minutes a day, though some days I have worked longer on this project. Here's a glimpse at what I've gotten done this week.

Aided by the fact that I had three blocks precut, I finished two blocks this week, bringing me to 30 out of 75 blocks complete. The blocks shown this week feature Kona Grass Green, Torch, and Cyan. Many of the blocks in this quilt require templates. I'm making mine by tracing onto freezer paper, so I can iron it onto the fabric and trim 1/4" around the template pieces for precision.

One of my favorite tools in my studio is my pile of fast food trays. They are so helpful for keeping the pieces of a block or project together. Though, I think I'm ready to level up to using a sheet pan rack for keeping all the components of a project together on the larger trays.

My last (barely) 15 minutes was to sew together these strips (that I'd cut out the previous day). They aren't even pressed. Today I'll be pressing them, cutting them up, and sewing them back together for my next finished block.

I love the aesthetic of these blocks with black, white, grey, and one color. Black and white prints are a favorite and I'm happy to have a lot of text prints to use in this project. I also like that I can jump around and work on different colors to keep me interested and excited to work on it.

Are you on Instagram? Cassandra is the organizer of Quilting the Countdown. She's making orange triangular blocks and regularly sharing others' projects in her IG stories. Hashtags are a little wonky on IG at the moment, but you may be able to see more at #quiltingthecountdown. The beauty of the countdown is that you can join in whenever you'd like. Start today and do a 93 day project. Or start on day 75, 50, or 25... whatever you'd like! Let me know if you're participating. I'd love to see what you're making.