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Okay, so this has been a long, long time coming. We moved into our house in June of 2012 and painted our bedroom walls purple. I started looking for fabric in 2013 and finally purchased the feature fabric, designed by Elisha Jepson of Robyriker Designs, in May of 2014. For quite some time I was having a hard time finding the right tone of purple for the lighter coordinating/background fabric. With a little help form Molli Sparkles at Intrepid Thread I found what I needed (Valori Wells Blueprint Basics Dimple Dot in Lilac).

That fabric purchase was just in time to participate in Sarah's 4x7 Sewing Challenge for the month of February. It was very motivating to work on something daily that was for me. I finished the entire king-sized quilt top. It took me months to figure out who to have quilt it. I finally chose Patti Joki, a local long-arm quilter, to quilt it for me in July. It turned out great! But then I had to make and attach 400+ inches of binding. It was a daunting task. I made the binding while on our guild retreat at the beginning of November, but again I set it aside in favor of other projects. I am so pleased to finally have this really big finish to show you! Thank you to everyone who was involved in helping me to finish this project. It truly "takes a village" sometimes.

The backing fabric is pieced, I used a portion of the fabric that we stood under for our wedding. The white and silver print (which was accidentally died light purple in an unfortunate laundry incident long ago) was the canopy of our wedding chuppah. I think it's very fitting that now we sleep under it. It only took nearly 6 1/2 years. ;-)

I just love these little ninjas... we've decided they're protecting us while we sleep. ;-)

I gave the quilt to my husband for Hanukkah. He was quite pleased to finally see it finished.

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In true form, I've finished my monthly ALYoF goal on the last day of the month. A great big gigantic thank you to Sarah of Berry Barn Designs for her inspiration to do a little selfish sewing this month. This king size quilt top is for our bed, my largest project by far. My goal this month was to finish the quilt top by sewing at least 30 minutes a day. You can see my progress through the month: week 1, week 2, week 3, and the finish below!The pattern is Puzzle Box by Tracey Brookshier. The AWESOME purple ninja fabric is by Robyriker Designs on Spoonflower. I was so appreciative to Elishka when she was willing to edit her design into the correct purples to match my bedroom wall paint. Molli Sparkles helped me find the perfect background fabric (Blueprint Basics by Valori Wells) when he was at Intrepid Thread on his visit to California. Thanks to my sister Jenn for taking these pics of the quilt. I look forward to getting it onto the bed and showing it to you in place once I send it out to be quilted and finish it up. This has certainly been an "it takes a village" kind of project and I really appreciate all the help and encouragement in getting this far. Now to figure out where to have it quilted. Any tips on finding a quilter and questions to ask a quilter are greatly appreciated, as this is my first quilt that I'll be sending out to be quilted.

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The One Where I Actually Finish Some Blocks

I've been primarily working on my king sized February goal this month. Life has been trying it's best to get in the way. I continue to be thankful to Sarah for her 4x7 Sewing Challenge for the month, to keep me focused mostly on the one project (which is hard for me) and for the encouragement to just do that 30 minutes (or whatever I can manage some days) each day, even when I don't feel like it or really don't have the time. I'm thrilled with my progress and have finished 15 of my 36 quilt blocks, with the other 21 of them in progress, assembly line style (go go gadget chain piecing!). This gives me six more days to finish the blocks up, get them pieced together and add on the three borders. It'll be a stretch, but I might just finish the quilt top. (Why'd I chose the shortest month of the year to make a king size quilt!?) This will be the first quilt that I'm sending out to be quilted, so the quilt top will be nearly the "done" stage as far as my work goes, which is even more exciting.

Just keep sewing. Just keep sewing.

Here's a slightly wonky late night pic of how the blocks look together:


I also got these four blocks together this week to finish my IG Rainbow Mini Swap quilt top. You might remember the pattern from my Antioxidant Delight quilt.


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