“Not Christmas” Bee Blocks

For November, our prompt from Sarah was to create three blocks in shades of red and green, taking a broad view of what is meant by "red" and "green." She explained, "anything from pink to burgundy, seafoam to olive" and shared her fabric postcard as an example of the wide array of colors to include. Our blocks were to be any size and didn't need to be square (though mine all are).

I sure love color and this was a great opportunity to play with color. I enjoyed putting together different combinations, which is part of the reason why I didn't stop at just three blocks!

As a warmup, I made the 6 1/2" four patch.

Then I made my first 12" block, circular steps.

At this point I mixed and matched my remaining reds and greens and decided on three more blocks. A 7 1/2" pinwheel block. (I feel like it's a weird size, but could be trimmed down.)

Another 12" block, hourglass spin.

And an 8 1/2" sawtooth star, a favorite traditional block.




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