Design Wall Wednesday: December 19, 2018

This month's Design Wall Wednesday has been all about Improv Tumbler blocks. I shared the plan for my project at the beginning of the month. Last week my rows were together but they were a little too wonky. Now I've straightened them out and added some half tumbler units into the ends of each row to help minimize how much of the quilt will be lost in trimming. Unlike my last Improv Tumbler quilt I plan to cut this one into a rectangular shape.

It's coming together. Next up, I'll be joining my wonky rows together.

4 thoughts on “Design Wall Wednesday: December 19, 2018

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Yvonne. I'm happy with how it came together. It's a bit of a gamble since seams shrink up and you don't really know exactly what's going to line up with what. :-)


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