Toasty Teal Palettes

Earlier this week, I ran across a contest hosted by Rachel at Stitched in Color. She is hosting a fabric mosaic contest. I've admired these in the past, but I think this is the first  time I'm participating. Rachel has given us a theme and some inspirational photographs to get us started and we create fabric bundles from the fabrics at Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory. The fabric pull is one of my favorite parts quilting, so this is lots of fun!

The theme this time was Toasty Teal.

For my first bundle, the Bejeweled Seal at the upper left caught my eye and then I focused in on the center print, Into the Deep. Jellies like warm water, so it seemed to fit the Toasty Teal theme for me. Teal, lime, and navy is my favorite palette, so I started with that and added a pop of some bright colors with the Diamond Mine print on the center left.

Here is my Tropical Ocean Teal palette.


I actually toned down the bright in that first one, but I still wanted a palette that felt a little more rich. For this second palette I focused on teals and browns with metallic gold. I love those hexagons!

Here is my Metallic Teal and Brown palette.


Which of my palettes is your favorite? What color do you like to pair with teal?

Head over to Stitched in Color to see all the palettes that have been created for the contest. Starting Monday the 11th, voting will be open to pick your favorite on Rachel's blog.



2 thoughts on “Toasty Teal Palettes

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Rachel. I had a quilter friend tell me she loves that palette "even though I used brown," which amused me. ;-)


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