Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, a Variation

I'm teaching my new workshop, Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, twice in the next week. This Saturday I'll be teaching for Bay Area Modern and Tuesday I'm presenting at Quilting 101 with Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association. I'm so excited!

The technique for this workshop developed out of my work on the piece I made for the combination of the Greenery challenge and my guild square and rectangle scrap challenge, both of which concluded in May. I had two initial sketches, one of which developed into my Greenery quilt top, and the second of which was just pieced into this new 30" x 31" quilt top. I wanted to be able to share this variation at the workshop to show an alternative layout inspiration. This design is also different since I chose to use a single fabric for my background pieces. The possibilities are endless. ;-)

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4 thoughts on “Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, a Variation

  1. I looked up the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild, and it was so cool to see your name on their Events page. You are doing some awesome things, Sarah, and I'm hoping someday to take a class from you, maybe at QuiltCon 2020 :) Thanks for continuing to provide such amazing inspiration! Take care, Mary.


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