Q4 Finish Along Goals and OMG October Goal

Nothing like updating the WIP list each quarter to cement what is languishing in the sewing room. Like #2 and #3 that just needed binding three months ago... and still do. Eek. To be fair, most of Q3 is summer break for my kids and I'm always overly optimistic about what I'll get done in the sewing room.

In Q3, I helped my kids each complete the end of four rounds of the Kids Quilt Round Robin, and I finished off my 100 blocks in 100 days. I completed five quilts, three of which were on our my Q3 list, samples for my Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares workshop and my Back and Forth baby quilt. Plus I designed and completed Vincent's Ear and Fall Fleurish.

Here's my comprehensive project list, categorized by stage of the project. My OMG October Goal is obviously to finish my Halloween quilt. It's quilted and trimmed. I just need to finish making the binding and get it bound. Maybe I can have "binding day" and get the binding on all three of those!

Just Need Binding

  1. Halloween Quilt 
  2. Meadow Mystery, Lap Quilt.
  3. Midnight Mystery, Lap Quilt.

Finished Quilt Tops

  1. Very Hungry Caterpillar Twin Quilt
  2. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, Greenery Lap Quilt.
  3. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, class sample Mini Quilt #2.
  4. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, class sample Mini Quilt #4.
  5. Planned Improv: Playing with Angles, class sample Mini Quilt #1.
  6. Charity baby quilt. 
  7. Feathered Star... pillow? 
  8. Memory House, Mini Quilt.


Piecing in Progress

  1. Variation of Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, Wall Hanging.
  2. Planned Improv: Playing with Angles, class sample Mini Quilt #2.
  3. Tula Pink City Sampler. 
  4. Improv Abstraction, Small Quilt. 
  5. Creative HST project, Lap Quilt.
  6. In the Middle quilt, Lap Quilt.
  7. Cotton & Steel (and low volume) HST Quilt, Lap Quilt.
  8. Ocean quilt for my daughter.
  9. Patchwork City Metro Area Quilt.
  10. Swoon Quilt. 
  11. Rainbow Chain. The pattern is Autumn Chain from The Bee Hive quilts. 
  12. My Floating Squares improv project. (from The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood.)
  13. Rainbow Remix from Rebecca Bryan's class at Quiltcon. Blocks are all done. Next up, the big job of piecing together irregular blocks.
  14. Wonky Cross quilt from Rossie Hutchinson's class at QuiltCon. I'm up to 50 blocks and they are now all trimmed up.
  15. Quartered Log Cabin quilt from Rossie Hutchinson's class at QuiltCon
  16. Purple Royalty quilt. 
  17. La Passacaglia. No way I'm finishing this anytime soon, but including it so my list is complete. 
  18. My daughter's Kids Quilt Round Robin project.
  19. My son's Kids Quilt Round Robin project.


Planning Stage

  1. Flying Geese Challenge for Quilt Con. Design is drafted.
  2. Michael Miller Our Yard Fabric Challenge. Obviously, fabric is chosen. ;-)
  3. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, large scale.


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4 thoughts on “Q4 Finish Along Goals and OMG October Goal

  1. Patty

    Lots of projects there but getting that Halloween quilt done seems like a timely goal! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.


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